Kids Board Games the Family can Enjoy

Whenever they ask me, “what is the best board game for my family?” I often return the same question back. Not because I don’t have the answer or I simply don’t want to give them any information, but because recommending one or two board game titles to everyone would mean that I have objectively identified what are good board games and what are not. To be honest, I have not cracked the criteria on how to judge board games. Perhaps, determining which one good is very subjective. And so where do we go from here?

Identifying the board games that are enjoyable for the family relies on the age of your kids, the available time you have on playing and the skill level of the game. Choosing among them will be your task.

There are hundreds of board games around and many of them are for kids. But the fact is a lot do not deserve any of your time. Still, many are indeed very enjoyable.

In this article, I have enumerated some of the board games that are easy to play and have a simple theme that appeals to younger ages. You can base your choices here:

Chutes and Ladders (also known as Snakes and Ladders) is a classic and simple game played by two or more persons. The game is played on a board with numbered grid squares. On certain squares there are a number of chutes (or snakes) and ladders, connecting two squares together. The lack of skills needed and the simplicity of the game make it less appealing to older folks but for kids who can roll a die, this game is a sure winner.

Connect Four, while this is not exactly a board game, it deserves all the rights to be included in this list. Also known as Four in a Row, Plot Four and Four in a Line, this fast-paced game develops concentration, cause and effect, and strategy. The aim of the game is simple: be the first to connect four checker pieces in a row while preventing your opponent from doing the same. Connect Four is a two-player game and can be played by children, 7 years old and above.

Monopoly Jr. If Monopoly (the original version) is very technical for your kids, why not try Monopoly Jr.? It has much simpler rules and less properties to manage, purchase and bargain. Monopoly Jr. is recommended for families with kids 5 years old and above.

Sorry! The object of the game is to be the first player to reach all four pawns or tokens from the start square to the home square. Players rely on randomizers (cards that are drawn from the stack) so it can be played by kids as young as 4 years old.

Zingo is very similar to bingo; but instead of numbers, the players have to pick a board with nine pictures. Then, the players take turns by sliding Zingo chips to release 2 pictures. The first player to match all nine pictures from his or her board wins. This game is recommended for families with kids of at least 4 years old.

Other kids games you should consider are Life, Don’t Say It, Taboo, Pictionary, Settlers of Catan, Catch Phrase, Upwords, Othello, Uno, Cranium Conga, Balderdash, Apples to Apples, Uno and the all time favorite, Checkers.