Kidney Failure: Choosing a Treatment That’s Right for You

When you have kidney failure you are in a world of your own, you have the scheduled dialysis days, the blood tests and being tired constantly. If you’re a new patient then this is a fearful and changing world compared to your normal life as you knew it before.

While the dialysis centers and doctors and nurses try to prepare you for what is to come, there still isn’t too much available for educating, not only yourself but your loved ones about kidney failure. There isn’t a lot to tell you the side effects of dialysis either or the medicines you are required to take. You kind of learn all that on your own by trial and error. I remember when my other half first start her treatment of dialysis, we were both scared. She was scared because it was new to her and I was scared for her but it all turned out ok. She did good from the start and the only problem was her blood pressure got pretty low. Of course, she wanted a new kidney and was tested and put on a list but it all took about 2 years just to get on the list for a kidney.

Dialysis is done 3 days a week for 3-4 hours each day. I want to tell you this…the days you have dialysis, you are extremely tired but it gets better the day after usually and you have more energy. It’s no wonder your tired, the dialysis machine does in 4 hours what it takes your body to do in 48 hours normally. Also, when you start they begin with a 22 gauge needle and when you’ve done it for a while they gradually begin using larger gauge needles. My other half was on a 15 when she quit dialysis. To me, it looked like a telephone pole.

When you have kidney failure, you are going to be tired. You’re not always going to feel like doing the things you used to do, especially the days you do your dialysis. This is something your loved ones and friends are going to have to understand and something you are going to have to come to grips with yourself. You’ll have your good days and bad just like before but you’re going to be tired. I can guarantee it! Listen to this one thing, don’t ever be sorry for being tired.

In the articles to come we will be discussing each part of kidney failure, from what it is, the types, dialysis and to kidney transplants.

Online doctor has been helping people with kidney disease for over 11 years. Not only has he written about the problems people face with kidney disease, but also lost his father and other half to kidney disease and has kidney failure himself.