kid outdoor swing set

Building An Outdoor Swing Set For Your Kids

Whenever your kids tell you they’re going out to play at the park, you certainly feel a pang of worry at the thought of not being able to watch over them while they’re at play. What if they injure themselves? What if another kid bullies them? Or, worse, what if somebody tries to take them away? As long as your kids are out of sight, the worry never ends.

How do you keep the worry under wraps? You might want to consider building your kids an outdoor swing of their own on your front or back yard.

Now, building an outdoor swing for your kids is no piece of cake. It requires effort and patience on your part, as well as some carpentry skills. You don’t need to be a fantastic architect to succeed in making one, but you do have to have basic know-how to do so. If your carpentry skills are below par, you should seek the assistance of somebody who’s better at it, or you might cause injury to your children if you build sub-par swings.

So how do you build an outdoor swing set? Here’s a quick guide.

Materials: You will need a…

Drill bit and drill
Measuring tape
Spirit Level
Shifting Spanner
2 seats for the swing
2 125mm-round and 3.2-meter-long log (upright)
1 150mm by 75mm log (crossbeam)
2 bags of concrete
4 nuts
4 bolts
4 shackles

Find a spot on your yard that’s level ground and away from obstacles. Set your crossbeam over it and mark the spot where you will place the upright beams. Next, dig 2 holes that are 900mm deep and 250mm wide. This is where you will put the premixed concrete. Bear the upright beams in it and make sure that they are level before the concrete dries out. Concrete takes a day to dry so be sure the poles don’t get dislodged.

Place the swing seats under the crossbeam and mark where they will be attached and drill in the bolts securely. Attach the chain that will hold the swing seat and then drill again. Make sure all the nuts, bolts and nails are attached well. The recommended height for toddlers is 450mm.

After you’ve set everything up, coat the wood with paint or preservative to make it last longer and protect it from weather-related wear and tear. As your kids grow up, you can simply adjust the seat heights to accommodate them.

Building an outdoor swing set for your kids is a labor of love. The skill, though very important, cannot parallel the value placed by your effort into the making of the swing. Your kids will definitely appreciate the gesture and you don’t need to worry about their whereabouts anymore.