Kick Bad Habits And Live Life King Size

When we tell somebody to kick off their bad habits, we usually convey the message that they should either stop smoking, taking drugs or alcohol. But there are many bad habits that we often tend to overlook. If these bad habits could be caught hold of and deleted from our lives, life could be better enjoyable.

Bad habits and how to get over them

Nail Biting : This is usually on a rise when the examinations are near or if you are watching your favorite team playing a game over television. You are usually born with long and beautiful nails but by the end of your life, you have hardly anything to be called nails. As far as stopping this habit, there are many ways to do it. You either polish your nails with something that has a very bad taste. You can also get a manicure done. You will think twice before biting your nails the next time after getting such a costly manicure done.

Blowing the bubble gum : You may well enjoy this habit of your’s but little do you realize as to how much of irritation you cause to the ones around you. Tell a friend to stop you from this every time you plan to chew the gum. If not this then start feeling embarrassed by the sound that the gum creates, every time you blow it. The latter would be a better option.

Stop fidgeting : Some have the very bad habit of fidgeting with every single thing that they have and even if it is not theirs. This habit of your’s could earn a bad name for yourself. Its always good to get out of it before things go out of hand. Try to get some hand exercise done something equal to tying up your hands for a long time. You will never prefer to fidget with things unnecessarily.

Be organized : When you try to do too many things at the same time, you end up doing nothing. To get good results in life you need to be organized. Planning is always necessary. If you do things without a prior planning, you end up being miserably confused and confusion gives you no good results. Maintain a time table. It’s always good to surprise others but its not a good idea to surprise yourself.

Punctuality : This is probably the last thing that even successful people like to follow. Reaching late for an interview, office, exam, date and so many other things. But only if you had realized the importance of time, you could have achieved more than what you have today. Its always necessary to understand the importance of time. Time lost can never be got back. The best solution is to make your watch run fast and forget that you have done it. Also keep telling your self that “ things could have been better, if you had done it a little earlier.”

Procrastination : Stop being lazy and neglecting your work. You create a very bad impression about your self and people conclude that you are worth nothing. Understanding your strengths and working upon it is the best way to bid adieu to procrastination. Time management is yet another essential part.

You talk a lot : It’s always good to speak up and express all that is there in your mind but take note that you don’t talk too much to drive the other person mad. Gossiping to some is a way of socializing. Except your own shortcomings, you love talking about the whole world. Too much of gossiping makes people conclude that you are not worth trusting. You can get out of this habit of your’s by simply getting insulted by somebody. The best would be if you are told by somebody that you have a lot of knowledge about other people’s lives but you know nothing about what’s going on in the world. This will not only make you stop gossiping but also help you a little with the general knowledge.

Not all habits are bad but not all of them are good too. There are many habits which we usually tend to overlook but these are the ones that make our life miserable. Nothing could help better than getting rid of them.