Keys to Successful PR

PR is such a powerful marketing tool that I simply can’t say enough about it. And yet, most small business owners don’t spend the time and energy they should developing positive press about their firm. Let’s look at several ideas you can begin implementing immediately.

A positive story in the media about some aspect of your firm will generate some new leads, but it also resells your current clients and makes it easier to refer your firm to others.

Maybe you’ve heard me say some of this in the past, but here are my keys to consistently generating positive media mentions.

Target your sources

Think of the journalists that cover your industry or town like you would a hot prospect. Target them and spend time getting to know what they write and what interests them. Set-up Google News alerts for each journalist or publication you are tracking and you can follow all the stories you need to watch.

Read the publication

This seems so basic, but I wouldn’t mention it here if I didn’t know that even so called PR pros break this rule. Don’t doom your standing as a legitimate news source by sending your hot financial strategy to the editor of Cat Today magazine. Most publications have online versions and RSS feeds that can send specific information abstracts to your email inbox.

Start small

Get your feet wet with a story in your college alumni newsletter, work up to the free monthly publication, the weekly business publication, and then go after a really big fish every now and then. Sometimes a bunch of little mentions will get you that feature story.

Be consistent

Send something to your list of journalists at least once a month. You never know when you will catch them in a good mood or at least a mood where they have a hole to fill.

Become a resource

Journalists need reliable sources and you can become one of those with a little work. Instead of firing off press release after press release touting your company’s anniversary celebration, start sending useful survey results from industry publications, stories related to articles they’ve written, or opinions about industry trends. Don’t ask for anything in return; just make it a habit to feed useful information. Do this for about 3 months and you’ll start to receive requests for quotes.

Additional information can be obtained in the articel entitled “How to Craft a Complelling Press Release”.