Keylogger usage

A lot of people are under the impression that keyloggers are of use only to criminals. The media hype surrounding hackers, and in particular identity theft, is primarily to blame for this. But as you know, the media always exaggerates for effect, no less so in this case.

This is just the same as how someone with a car could run you over, when they see you on a street. That would be very bad, particularly for you, but it doesn’t stop you from using a car yourself, does it? In fact, keyloggers have a large number of legitimate uses.

For example, if you are worried about your children, you can use a keylogger to protect them. The program will watch them automatically, catching everything they do, so you can see if they are doing anything dangerous. There are a lot of very bad people online, and with today’s chat software it is easier then ever for them to attack your children over the internet. With the help of a keylogger, you can see this happening and take steps to stop it.

More then that, it provides a useful tool to keep tabs on all your family- maybe you’re worried your spouse is cheating on you, well, this is an easy way to find out. Just install a keylogger, and check out who they are chatting to and what they are chatting about. Computer surveillance has never been easier.

If there are no family issues to concern you, spy software is still an excellent device at work, too. You can keep an eye on what your employees are up to, and catch them immediately if they are wasting time on personal emails, or just web surfing, when they should be working. Much more importantly, though, you can spot leaks before they become a problem and prevent trade secrets from escaping.

With the help of programs like Secret Agent Spy (from, this is easy to do. Designed to be simple to use, it’s no trouble to install, and lets you start monitoring immediately. All you need to do is get the program, and set it up on the computer you want to monitor.

The recent advancement of spy software, such as the aforementioned Secret Agent, has allowed a number of new developments to be made. For example, You can now not only record keystrokes, but every action the user makes. This is recorded as a video, which you can play back later, just like a DVD. And like a DVD, you can fast forward or rewind it, giving you an unprecedented level of control.

The stealth options that now come as standard with programs like this prevent anyone from discovering it is installed, and the ability to automatically email the results of the monitoring to an email address of your choice make plausible deniability easier then ever. No-one will find the program, and even if they did, its password protected so they could never use it!

In the end, if you are worried at all (or perhaps just curious) you should definitely get a keylogger. Even the most basic will be a big help to you, and the more advanced, modern programs have a host of additional features. The best thing to do is to think up a list of everything you want it to do, and then shop around until you find something that meets your specifications. Be sure to ask for advice in forums, and check out review sites. Where your peace of mind is at stake, don’t settle for anything less then the best.