Kelp can provide you with a powerful Kelp Health Benefit

A report on kelp health benefits from the International seaweed symposium stated “In all patients there was a spectacular drop in incidence of colds and flu’s resulting in a very positive kelp health benefit” from ingesting liquid kelp. In those that had already contracted the virus, the intensity and duration were so reduced that the annoyance was minimal due to the kelp health benefits of liquid kelp.

A range of mineral content will fortify osseous tissue, teeth and nails and is an anti-ageing revitalizer, providing more elasticity for your face and body. A wonderful act of Nature has provided the amazing health benefits of Liquid Kelp we have now. Yet additional kelp health benefits come from distilling these essential minerals extracted from Natures Ocean Grass Digitata Laminaria, also known as Sea Kelp. This extraction method releases vitamins & minerals from unavailable, inorganic essences into natural minerals which can be assimilated easily providing a definite health benefit.

Documentation of these Kelp Health Benefits have come from:

1- Journal of Nutrition February 2005

2- Secrets of Health and Beauty, Pyramid books1970

Dr David Derry has produced studies that show the many kelp health benefits in relation to breast cancer – just one of many sicknesses effected by Kelps Health Benefit. Traditional medicine has been used to treat breast cancer since the 1920’s, yet cancer rates have not improved significantly. In many areas cancer rates are infact much higher. Studies have shown all along that women with diets high in kelp such as Japan and other coastal countries have appreciably lower rates of cancer due to their high intake of these sea vegetables, yet North American are only now beginning to understand Kelps health benefits.

Dr. Derrys hypotheses of kelp health benefits, are founded on extended studies of published medical papers in conjunction with his experience as a clinician, and are not just his opinions. Studies are currently underway involving the effects of organic iodine from kelp on cancer prevention and reduction – several studies are exhibiting very positive Kelp Health Benefits of natural kelp products. Because breast cancer rates worldwide carry on to increasing, more people are interested in early intervention or prevention.

Dr. Derry advises maintaining our natural immune system with small-scale daily dosages of naturally ocurring iodine from kelp, and improving metabolous wellness by renormalising suitable thyroid levels, capitalising on natures Kelp Health Benefits.

Health researchers at UCLA Berkeley, use recent studies to promote necessitating a substantial increase in scientific research into kelp health benefits