Keeping yourself groomed as a model

Although when working as a model you are fully styled on shoots, including both hair and makeup, it is important to maintain a highly groomed image at all times. This is for a number of reasons; firstly, bad maintenance means that makeup artists and hair stylists have a lot of extra work to do on you before they can prepare the look that is wanted for the shoot. This means time wasted, which is likely to aggravate the client, and make them less likely to work with you in future. Moreover bad maintenance means that your skin and hair are less likely to look vibrant and healthy as a model’s should. The second reason why models should be groomed at all times is that future clients may call you for a meeting at short notice to get an idea of your look; if you turn up looking less than pristine, they are likely be unwilling to book you for the job. Therefore with the importance of continual grooming established, lets go through what is required.

Firstly, choose a reputable hairstylist, and then make sure you have regular hair appointments, at least once a month to have a trim and keep your colour fresh. Also ensure you have regular hair treatments, including deep-conditioning and hair masques, also at least once a month. These appointments are pivotal to maintain the quality of your hair, which is something clients look for in particular.

Another vital point is to make sure your nails are always in perfect condition, as unfinished nails present a bad image to prospective clients, and are at odds with your role as a model. Have regular manicures and pedicures, along with cuticle softening and nail strengthening treatments, and never appear for an interview without polish on your nails.

One of the most important aspects of model grooming, is to make sure your body is always devoid of excess hair. Have regular waxing or epilating appointments for all parts of your body, and even for your arms and chest if needs be. Do not be wary of having hair removed because you think it implies a lack of beauty; clients are not going to reject you because you have to have waxing appointments to remove unwanted hair, but they are if you turn up for a job with this unwanted hair. Also have regular appointments to keep your eyebrows plucked, or do it yourself if you can do a good job.

Another aspect of model grooming is to ensure you keep up with the current makeup trends, so that you appear at client meetings with a contemporary look. Experiment with different shades, colours and looks to see what suits you best, but do not overdo it with the makeup as clients like to see a semi-blank canvas so they can visualise what they have to work with, and how they can put their look on to you. With all this in mind you should be in with a good chance of continuing to get modelling jobs from clients.