Keeping Your Wedding Day Costs Within Your Budget

Catering your wedding on the cheap- or at least cheaper than full bore retail is an art in itself. Actually large scale weddings are relatively new on the scene. With smaller family units a wedding so to speak is “instant family”

The average cost an American wedding is now estimated at $ 28,000. Remember that this is the average figure and as such includes small events and elopements on the final calculation. Not included and in addition and on top of the average $ 28,000 wedding costs are the costs and fees for the wedding and engagement rings, the bridal consultant and / or wedding planner. Lastly the essential “honeymoon” vacation is in addition and on top of all of this.

How can one save costs and charges for their wedding without appearing to be too much of a cheapskate? After all your wedding day is said to be “The Most Important Day in Your Life”, to be remembered long after. Especially brides will be scolded if they are brave enough to put the wedding day event in full perspective that “I thought like you and then on that day I realized that it was “My Day in the Sun”. And all of those people were there for me.” “Name of Bride to be – Not a day goes by without me thinking and remembering my wedding day, fondly”. There sure is a lot of less than subtle pressure on both the new bride and groom to be.

What can be done to reduce the costs of the wedding meal and meals?

First of all it all comes down to supply and demand. Many weddings are held in preference in the spring. Caterers are busy during this peak time. If the time of year is not crucial an off peak time wedding can afford better negotiating in dealing with caterers and florists. It is not unlike shopping for a car at the end of the month where the car dealer is more than amenable to make a deal better than otherwise in an effort to meet his production quota. If possible host your wedding in an off peak wedding period.

Next in terms of catering look at the size of your wedding party. If the party is smaller then perhaps the wedding reception and meal can be held in a restaurant.

Restaurants often have “party “or large “meeting rooms:” for this purpose and will more than generously accommodate you for a booking if you ask. It’s found guaranteed business for a restaurant to pay its bills and they will more than gladly book it. If your meal is held offsite another possibility is have the meal catered by restaurant as well.

If the meal is larger often caterers will give discounts (if asked) for larger events.

There costs are less – one event rather than many, less transportation costs than to a number of small events. Economies of scale in terms of purchases of supplies and cooking as well are entailed. If Wal-Mart can lean on their suppliers for volume discounts why can’t you.

Extras such as extra serving personnel and place settings can be reduced or even eliminated. If possible have the food or supplies (such as chairs and tables) picked up by yourself, a friend or agent (who is dependable)… You may well find that by renting a van at weekend rates and hiring a reliable neighbor for the task may save you money instead of having the caterer plus other suppliers all charge you delivery, setup and pickup fees. In addition you will reduce the chance of late fees of late returned items as the deliveries and pick ups are at your control.

Watch out for extra costs that may be “slid in”. You cannot blame the catering companies and hotels if they don’t tell you of cost saving means if it is not in their favor.

After all this is their livelihood. For example the costs of beverages can be quite a major hit in the pocket book of the wedding reception, Inquire as to the liquor laws of your state and the rules of the hotel, You may find that you are able to purchase and serve your own wines and liquor at the reception as long as you satisfy the local liquor and hospitality regulations. This often entails obtaining a permit from the local liquor control or restaurant authorities. These rules vary from locale to locale.

With the correct liquor or wine permit you may be able to purchase your wine or liquor less expensively, Again it all depends on the rules of the hotel, hall or restaurant.

You may be charged the cost of bartenders and serving personnel, you may be charged nothing. Sometimes the procedure is to charge a “corkage fee”. All in all it’s a matter of discussion and negotiation; it all comes down to an evaluation of what is the best overall deal for you.

A wedding is a major milestone and event in most people’s lives. It is also a major purchase in their life. As with any purchase it never hurts to plan ahead and comparison shop. You would plan and shop for a car purchase of $ 28,000. Why not for your wedding?