Keeping The Dog in the Yard

How to Let Your Dog Play in Your Yard Without Letting Him Run Away

When it comes to letting your dog run free, there are strict boundaries that you must adhere to. It can be difficult to align your feeling that your dog should not be retrained with your desire to keep your dog from running away. However, if you are away of the laws, then you will most likely find suitable justification for retraining your pet.

Dogs that are out in public are required by law to be restrained. This includes dogs in your back yard. Therefore, it is important that if you want to let your dog run free in your back yard, you have a fence for him.

It is also important to be aware that if your dog runs free, any harm that he causes to people or property will be your responsibility. Therefore, it is in your best interest and the best interest of your neighbors that you restrain your dog. Otherwise, you may be threatened with a lawsuit in the event that your dog misbehaves.

Here are three simple ways to make sure that your dog is safely restrained while still wild in your back yard:

1. Leash. If you are comfortable with it, restrain your dog using a long leash. The leash will attach to a tree or rooted object on one end and to your dog’s collar on the other. The benefit of the leash is that you do not have to worry about your dog overcoming boundaries because he will only be allowed to travel as far as the leash takes him.

However, the leash will also be difficult for him to navigate and could get caught on objects within your yard. Dogs on leashes also tend to run along the same path, which will wear away any grass that you might have in your yard.

2. Fence. The fence system is a simple and attractive way to keep your dog on your own property. Your dog will be allowed to run free within the boundary of your yard. However, many dogs learn how to jump fences or dig holes underneath them. Be aware that the fence is not necessarily the most advantageous and safe method of restraining your dog.

3. Invisible fence. The invisible fence is an electric current then is emitted up from the ground. Your dog will have a collar around his neck that sends a small electric shock through his skin if he approaches the fence. Dogs learn through Pavlovian training that the fence is a boundary they do not want to breach.