Keeping Kids Away From Lawn Mower Injuries

The power lawn mower, whether it be manual or powered, can be one of the most dangerous tools around the home and keeping kids away from lawn mower injuries should be one of the most paramount safety concerns for the household.

Each year, it has been reported that approximately 65,000 people, adults and children, are treated in emergency rooms of hospitals caused by power mowers and at least 9,000 of those hurt were younger than 18 years.

Be that as it may, tragic accidents can occur with children and as devastating as an accident can be, the only thing that could simply address such problems would be to exercise extreme caution by simply taking note of some safety tips and precautions that are not as difficult to follow.

Firstly, do not allow children anywhere near the area of operation, especially since children are often attracted to the working unit and mowing activity.

Never assume that children will remain where you last saw them and if you see a risk that children may enter your working area, it is important to have another adult watch over them.

The blades spin very fast and can pick up and throw debris that could cause serious injury to the user or a even bystander, so always be sure to clean up the area to be mowed before starting to mow.

Do not operate a lawnmower without the discharge guard reflector or engine grass catcher installed.

The mower deck have blades that rotate at dangerously high speeds and are so sharp it can easily cut through anything organic, so do not allow anyone near the mower while it is running.

Always allow the blades to completely stop from turning before storing the machinery or attempting to move it manually for storage.

Avoid giving children rides on a mower, even when the mower blades are not turning, since children may fall off and be seriously injured or interfere with safe mower operation.

It has been reported that children who have been given rides in the have the tendency to go back for another ride and is usally one of the causes of serious injuries and which could result for the child to be run over or accidentally backed up by the machine.

Never try to operate a riding mower in reverse gear, unless absolutely necessary or until necessary precautions have been taken.

Using a riding mower on a slope that is too steep, or where you don’t have adequate traction can cause you to lose control or roll over.

Always consult the operator’s manual for safety messages concerning operation on a slope, since using a riding mower on a slope that is too steep or where in the absence of adequate traction can cause the operator to lose control and roll over.

Make sure that sturdy work shoes and not sandals or sneakers are worn while mowing, as well as have anybody using a mower wear eye protection and something to cover the ears from flying debris.

It is best advised to install a collection bag for grass clippings or a plate that covers the opening where cut grass is released.

Make sure that children are indoors or at a safe distance well away from the working area you plan to mow.

Avoid pulling the mower backward without looking or mowing in reverse unless it is absolutely necessary, and always make sure to have children steer clear or look behind you when mowing in reverse.

Always turn off the mower and wait for the blades to stop turning completely before removing the any removable implement or grass catcher, crossing gravel paths or other areas, many accidents also happen when forcing blades to stop when in a hurry.

Finally, do not allow children to ride as passengers on ride-on mowers, a sudden jolt or an unintentional burst of speed or braking can cause them to fall over.

A lawn mower may be your best friend in gardening, but make sure that keeping kids away from lawn mower injuries would still have to be a primary consideration that should be your top priority.