Keeping Hair Color Natural

Select a hair coloring product that is most compatible with your life style. If you don’t have time to update your roots every 4-6 weeks, you may want to select a shade of hair color only 1-3 shades lighter than your natural color. The closer you stay to your natural hair color, the less your roots will show as they start to peek through.
You could try colour refreshing mousses, Goldwell make them and so do Igora and they’re great for keeping colours rich and bright.
Her hair is currently a medium brown and the darker colors do tend to fade faster than some others. And it’s not just the sun that causes haircolor to fade – all shampoos, even including the PH balanced shampoos and conditioners, tend to slowly wash out so-called “permanent” haircolor.
These color fixing properties are reinforced by protective, repairing and nourishing active agents. With its gentle cleansing base, Klorane beautifying shampoo with pomegranate extract repairs the hair fibre and keeps hair color radiant for longer.
It is important to do a conditioning treatment 1–2 times a week for half an hour. This will keep hair healthy and shiny—and healthy hair is happy hair!
A natural way of dying your hair is to use sage and rosemary. In a bowl, I mix a 1/2 cup each of sage and rosemary. Add two cups boiling water to the herb mix. Do not boil the herbs with the water because it breaks down the herbs and is less effective. Let this mixture steep for a few hours or overnight, if possible. Rinse your hair daily with this tea, or you can spray it on the gray areas.

Apply color only to your new hair growth. The next time, work the color through the rest of your hair for the last 5 minutes. That way youre not coloring previously colored hair too much and your roots will evenly match the rest of your hair!
Customize your color enhancer. Ask your colorist to prepare a conditioner for your exact color and tone. It’s slightly more expensive than store conditioners, but protects coloring longer.
With age, it is inevitable for our hair to lose its natural color but these days age is just one of the causes. Stress and environmental conditions have turned many heads gray irrespective of age. Most people are therefore relying on hair color to help them look their age! Hair color is not just about dyeing but it is an art in itself with so many different nuances attached to it. Learn more about it so you can do justice to your hair.
Rethink your color. Anything that looks like it came from a bottle is old news. Warm up your color instead. Keep the gold in blondes, the copper in reds, and the chocolate in browns. TIP-Use semi-permanent color to add a translucent tint to your hair. This is the modern way to keep hair bright and a surefire way to look your best.
Stock up on conditioner color-treated hair needs more care. Especially if your new color is lighter, your hair should have as much moisture as it needs and as much moisturizing as you can give it.