Keeping a Modeling Schedule

As a model, there will be times when it feels as though you’re zipping all over the place meeting new agents, showing up for test photo shoots, consulting with stylists, fulfilling your booked assignments and more. Without following a good schedule of these things, you might feels as if you’re running every which way but loose. This article will give you some tried and tested strategies that will help you manage your time and keep your sanity at the same time.

Keep A Working Calendar for Modeling

Most people are successful in keeping on track by using a working calendar. A working calendar is different than a regular calendar because it’s used exclusively to record appointments associated with work – in your case – modeling. You can keep your working calendar easier to read by limiting it’s content to the major tasks of your career – like shopping, meetings, photo shoots, etc. Leave the birthdays, dates, holidays and party notes for another kind of calendar. This calendar is for modeling.

Keep A Modeling To-Do List

In addition to a working calendar, you can create and keep a separate modeling to-do list. Unlike your working calendar, the information on this schedule is much more detailed than the calendar and lists specific tasks for each day. By using a separate to-do list, you can keep your calendar at home, write down all the little tasks that need to be performed for each of the major tasks written on your calendar, and carry it with you wherever you go.

If you’re attracted to technological toys, you might enjoy the use of electronic calendars offered on mobile devices like the Palm for example. This handy tool even has a reminder system that will beep aloud when your next scheduled task is due.

Plan Time for Your Hobbies And Social Life Too

Just because you’re using a working calendar to keep your modeling career in check, that doesn’t mean you have to discard other things that you’d like to do. If you think about it, you’ll probably discover that a lot of your hobbies or social events are related to modeling in some way or another – like working out for example.

Everybody has time to work time, go to the spa, get a beauty treatment, or shop for a special diet even though it doesn’t seem that way. But that’s only because we haven’t scheduled the time for it!