Keep Yourself Healthy with Chemically Untouched, Natural Organic Fruits

It is quite easy to find fruits in open market. We know the fruits come chemical treated at various stages. Most fruits we consume are grown and preserved with chemical aid.

Think how a fruit is grown in a farmer’s orchard. The plant is supported by chemical fertilizers. These fertilizers help the plants grow fast and yield more fruits. Abundance of pesticides and insecticides are applied at the orchards to prevent pests and insects. In many cases of mechanized harvesting, chemicals are also applied for quick falling of unripe fruits.

It goes without saying these chemicals ultimately accumulate in human bodies, causing several health problems at a later period.

Naturally occurring fruits are hard to come across and usually involves efforts from your own part to take a trekking to the wilderness. If you are at the local markets near hill stations of Kerala, your luck rate is higher to find naturally bred fruits grown in thick dense forests. Not only Kerala South India, but tropical countries of Africa are also rich source of natural fruits that are not contaminated by chemicals.

Wild plants generally produce lesser number of fruits and the size will also be smaller. Such fruits however have the advantages that they are never fumigated or otherwise chemically treated for bigger size, better taste or large quantity produce.

The grapes you buy from general market have pesticides on its skin. This pesticide is not quickly rinsed away. The result will be more chemicals in your body.

There are also scalable differences in the performance of naturally grown fruits and chemically treated artificial fruits.

While natural fruits stay fresh for a few days after falling down or harvesting, chemically treated fruits rot in a day or two. This is the same for all kinds of fruits.

Natural fruits tend to bear highly functional seeds. Most artificially cultivated fruits have seedless varieties or varieties with poorly developed seeds. The artificial fruits generally are in the ‘sterile’ zone. I.e. they are not capable of reproduction. All of the examples suggest that cultivated and chemical treated fruits are inferior to naturally occurring fruits.

It is not practicable for everyone to find naturally occurring fruits from the forests. The closest healthy alternative to going to forests is growing organic crop. Though the plants doesn’t get a wild environment where there is the right supply of temperature, water, bio-nutrients etc; chemical treating is absent.

No GM crops apply here. Organic food is fresh and doesn’t inject harmful chemicals to your body.

Vegans claiming to eat only healthy food do have a challenge before them to ensure if they are eating healthy fruits.