Keep Your Family Safe in the 2014 Mazda6

The 2014 Mazda6 comes with more safety features than you ever thought possible. The 2014 Mazda6 keeps your family as safe as possible while giving you style and luxury. It keeps you safe by staying alert to everything that you can’t always see.

There is the radar cruise control system. This allows you to have your car on cruise control but also monitors preceding vehicles and their distance. By doing this it automatically adjusts your speed and controls the distance between you and that preceding vehicle to keep it at an optimal safe distance. With this fabulous 2014 Mazda6 safety feature you never have to worry about constantly adjusting your cruise control speed when traffic on the highway slows down and speeds up, the car does it for you!

Another 2014 Mazda6 safety feature that is very beneficial, especially if you live in the city, is the smart city break support. This feature helps prevent front end collisions by applying the brakes while driving at low speeds if needed. This feature helps you avoid those horrible unwanted fender benders that are nothing but a pain to deal with.

Sometimes we all don’t pay full attention to our car’s place in the lane during those lengthy family road trips or for those late nights coming home from the office, we’re all human it’s no body’s fault. But when this does happen it can lead to accidents. The 2014 Mazda6 safety feature called lane departure warning system can help minimize these possible accidents. This safety feature alerts you to when your car begins to drift into another lane unintentionally.

Remember those times when you’re backing out of a parking space and you are talking to your kids or to your spouse and may not be able to see from both sides like you wish you could, but you back out anyways and have to immediately hit the brakes? Sometimes it’s even just the rudeness of other people going through the parking lot that can easily cause a back bumper fender bender this way. The rear cross traffic alert helps solve this problem. This feature alerts you if your vehicle is being approached from the side by another vehicle while you are backing up. This can help you avoid many accidents in the parking lots of busy stores.

Another safety feature related to the rear cross traffic alert is the blind spot monitoring feature. This feature is extremely helpful for when you are driving down the highway and go to merge into another lane and there happens to be another vehicle in your blind spot. We’re all human, and with so many things to focus on while driving sometimes we miss things, especially when they are in your blind spot (it’s named that for a reason). This feature especially will help keep you and your loved ones safe during every day travel.

And last but not least of the new major 2014 Mazda6 safety features is the high beam control system. Going down those dark canyon roads at night can be dangerous in more ways than one, how well we see being one of them. Usually high beams are used in a situation such as this, or during a foggy night to help with your visibility. But a problem with high beams is they can blind on coming drivers, which for both of you is not a good thing. It can easily cause an accident, especially in a winding canyon. The high beam control system switches your high beams to low beams when it senses an oncoming vehicle and then automatically switches them back after the vehicle(s) has passed. This benefits everyone. The other drivers can see the road as they pass you by and you can also get your family home safely by being able to see the road clearly and not having to concentrate on when to turn on and off your high beams.

With all of these new safety features making the 2014 Mazda6 safer than ever makes it one of the best deals out there. How can you put a price on your family’s safety? The 2014 Mazda6 makes it an easy choice if you’re in the market for a new car.