Keep your Colon clean with enemas. See the Benefits and learn about Coffee enemas

What are enemas used for?

Enemas are used to (partially) remove faeces from the rectum, sigmoid and, to some extent, from the descending colon. They help discharge parasites and get rid of drug residue.

Skin conditions can sometimes be bettered after a series of enemas. Patients with headaches and migraines may also benefit.

The Gerson therapy claims that by detoxifying the liver, a coffee enema can help with cancer (see below)

What reactions can be expected?

As the body detoxifies, the patient may feel a relief from depression and feel more relaxed. Allergy related symptoms may disappear, pain may subside.

As part of a healing crisis, the patient may suffer increased flatulence and gas. In some rare cases, some of the bile may go up in the stomach, through the pyloric sphincter, and cause some nausea. Vomiting, although rare, may occur. If this happens, it is important to frequently drink copious amounts of peppermint tea to excrete the bile from the stomach. Some Reiki or other healing over the sensitive area will also help.

When a healing crisis occurs, it is a sign that the liver is detoxifying and the frequency of the enemas should be increased. If in doubt as to what to do, consult a qualified therapist.

Is it safe?

Prior to using an enema, you should first consult a metabolic therapist to make sure that there are no intestinal blockages or contra-indications.

Enemas are used in most “Alternative Therapy” clinics in the United States and Mexico. Coffee enemas are, arguably, the best way to detoxify the liver without the harmful use of strong chemicals. The Gerson therapy makes extensive use of enemas, recommending that they should be administered every four hours or more in certain cases.

A qualified therapist should always be consulted for advice when a patient has had chemotherapy treatment or colostomy.

The different positions

There are many positions that can be used when receiving an enema.

1- Lying on the right side knees bent up

2- Lying on the left side knees bent up

3- Head down and backside up

4- On your back

What should you do during an Enema Cleanse?

Drink more water. It is essential for everyone to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. Dehydration is a major cause of constipation and bowel problems. You don’t have to be thirsty to be dehydrated. Water is needed to CLEAN OUT TOXINS.

How often can you take an enema?

It is important to know that enemas do not weaken the intestines but strengthens them. They will encourage the peristaltic movement (movement of food in the intestines).

In some Natural cure hospitals,, enemas are recommended several times a day on a daily basis. However, if you are healthy an enema can be safely taken once or twice a week without problem. If in doubt as to how often you can take an enema, please consult your therapist.

The equipment needed to receive an enema

I would recommend a 1 litre enema bucket to start with. Once used to enemas, you may want to use a 2 litre bucket.

At the beginning, and sometimes unexpectedly, an enema can be messy and unattractively redecorate your room. It is therefore important to be prepared for the unexpected. A waterproof, floor or covering of some type should be used to lie on. This can in turn be covered with an old blanket or towel.

Comfort is important, as the treatment will last about 15 to 20 minutes. During the enema, you may read, watch TV, listen to the radio or do whatever you believe you can do with a tube sticking out of your bottom.

Special equipment as follows is needed:

* A waterproof covering or surface

* A blanket or other covering for warmth

* A pillow to support your head

* A roll of absorbent tissues for spillage or to clean up waste

* Vaseline or KY Jelly to lubricate the end of the tube

* A special enema bucket with a tube outlet

* A catheter tube for insertion in the anus

* A fine mesh sieve for the coffee enema

* A platform on which to rest the bucket. This should be about 40 to 50 centimetres higher than the patient but not much more

* A stainless steel pan to heat the water

* A watch to keep track of time

The process

* In a clean enema bucket, add whatever herbs, natural product etc. you are going to use

* Make sure the mixture is at body temperature (100-102 Fahrenheit or 37-38 Celsius)

* Open the tube and run a little bit of the liquid to get rid of the residual air. Close the tube again

* Go to the place where you are going to receive the enema

* Place the bucket 40-50 cms above you

* Lubricate the end of the catheter tube with some Vaseline, KY jelly or saliva.

* For coffee enemas It is best to lie on your right side to help the absorption of the enema mixture through the haemorrhoidal and portal veins. However, it is also fine to lie on the left side or on your front, whatever position you feel comfortable.

* Slightly bend your knees towards your abdomen

* Insert about 5 to 8 cms of the tube into your rectum (it is important not to insert too much of the tube as otherwise you may damage the fine membranes in your rectum or sigmoid colon)

* Open the tube and let the “enema mixture” flow in

* Keep the tube open and connected to the bucket during the treatment. Whilst the mixture is in your intestines, you may feel some pressure and gas. An open tube will allow this pressure to be released.

* The bucket should empty in about 2-3 minutes.

* Retain the enema for a further 15 – 20 minutes.

* Go to the toilet and excrete the mixture

* Keep your equipment clean. Wash it after each use with a good biodegradable product such as Ecover washing up liquid. Use a 6% hydrogen peroxide solution to thoroughly clean the equipment.

It is a good idea when receiving the enema to massage your abdomen in a counter clockwise motion. This will help the enema mixture to move higher up into the colon.

When expelling the enema, it is a good idea to massage your abdomen in a clockwise motion to help the mixture come out of your colon. Bringing your knees up and squatting when expelling the enema will also help.

Coffee Enemas – what are they for?

* Detoxifies the liver/gallbladder

* It opens the bile ducts

* Produces enzyme activity for oxygen uptake and helps the formation of red blood cells

* To some extent flushes deposits from the large intestines

* Increases the movement of food through the intestines (peristaltic movement)

* Stimulates the digestive tracts

* Believed by Dr Max Gerson (of the Gerson therapy) that by detoxifying the liver and gall bladder, coffee enemas could help the health of cancer patients.

* Releases toxins and helps control pain


* In a clean stainless steel saucepan, boil 1 litre (about 1 quart) of distilled or filtered water

* Gradually add 3 level tablespoons of the best organic ground coffee you can buy.

* Boil for 5 further minutes uncovered

* Cover and simmer for 15 minutes.

* Turn off the heat

* Sieve the mixture in the enema bucket (making sure the tube coming off it is closed).

* The enema will be ready to use when the temperature goes down to body temperature (100-102 Fahrenheit or 37-38 Celsius)

Make sure to breathe deeply during the whole treatment to help the absorption of coffee

Note: Nowadays, I only boil half the water I need for the coffee enema and top it up with cold filtered water. This saves me some of the “cooling down time”.

Note: Coffee enemas are best taken in the morning.