Keep The Old Crib, Instead Buy A Beautiful Crib Bedding Set And Save Money

Parents are under increasing pressure to create a picture-perfect nursery for their babies. But, with cribs costing hundreds of dollars and baby bedding costing nearly the same, many parents simply can’t afford the cost. So, why not keep or buy an old crib and just spend your money on a beautiful crib bedding set and save money in the process.

Having a baby is an expensive business and the most expensive, initial cost is the nursery. We all want to give our newborn child the best nursery we can afford but the plain truth is that for many, the cost of fixing up a nursery room is just too high. If you’re on a tight budget you can save a heap of money on creating that nursery you’ve dreamed about.

Here’s the secret; what makes a crib look beautiful isn’t so much the crib but the bedding. This isn’t so surprising; once the baby’s bed is adorned with sheets, blankets, bumper, valance, diaper bag and mobile, you don’t actually see too much of the crib itself. What catches the eye is the beautiful baby crib bedding.

I’m not saying that the baby crib isn’t important; it is. It is the most important item in the nursery to keep you baby safe. If you are getting a hand-me-down or are thinking of buying a used baby crib, make sure it’s safe. It must have Juvenile Product Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification if you’re baby is going to get the best safety standards. The same applies when you buy a cheap baby crib. Make sure it has a JPMA certificate. If you are in doubt about the safety of a baby crib, contact the JPMA or Federal Consumer Product Safety Commission; better still, don¬ít buy it.

But where ever you get your baby crib, you don’t have to spend a lot. You can buy really good quality, cheap baby pieces from many reputable manufacturers and suppliers.

If you buy an inexpensive baby crib you will save money, so you can then spend that little bit more on a crib bedding set or you can now afford to buy two sets. And, today, you’re spoilt for choice in terms of design and fabrics.

Many designs have been especially created for girls and boys. However, many suppliers now make bedding that is neutral. This is something you should also think about if you’re having your first child. If you plan to have more children, you’ll already have the crib, but if you bought a crib bedding set that has a very ‘girlish’ design, will it be appropriate if your next child is a boy?

If you’ve spent a lot on a good quality bedding set, you’ll want to use it again for your next child. Buying neutral doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design either. Many themed sets are perfectly suitable for both boys and girls. Winnie the Pooh crib bedding and Disney crib bedding are just two of many themes that are suitable for both boys and girls.

A crib provides safety for your baby: crib bedding set provides comfort. It is the latter that gives the most beauty to a child’s nursery. Spend your larger budget on the bedding and save yourself a lot of money.