Kabbalah – the Wisdom of Reception

This is because Kabbalah, in Hebrew, means reception. Kabbalah is about how to receive all the joy and perfection that come from revealing the force that encompasses all of Creation, the Creator. Kabbalah teaches us how to connect with that force, and when we do, we will receive all the abundance that exists on His level.

Sounds fantastic and supernatural? In fact, we learn this wisdom from people who are exactly like us, only they discovered that within man’s internality, there lies a connection to the force that sustains Creation. Just like natural scientists, they measured what they were feeling, examined it and recorded their findings. The books they wrote eventually developed into an entire science that any person can now study.

But studying Kabbalah books is quite different than studying other textbooks or other sciences. The study process works in a special way, where by reading the text, one gradually develops new sensations within, and begins to feel his connection to the Creator.

By studying books written by Kabbalists, we begin seeing the world the way they do, and we discover that we live in a vast spiritual reality. As a result, we find our place in the grand scheme of things, we find out where we came from and where we’re going, and most importantly, “What is our purpose in life?”

A Remedy for the Soul

In item 155 of Introduction to Talmud Eser Sefirot, great 20th century Kabbalist Baal HaSulam (Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag) writes: “Why did the Kabbalists obligate each person to study the wisdom of Kabbalah? Indeed there is an important thing here, worthy of being publicized: there is a magnificent, invaluable remedy to those who engage in the wisdom of Kabbalah. “What does Baal HaSulam mean by a remedy? Kabbalists explain that every person has a soul, but in most people, the soul lies in a dormant state. As a result, we don’t feel the spiritual reality, our connection to the Creator, and the abundance that comes from Him.

That is why Kabbalists say that it’s vitally important for every person to study Kabbalah. This invaluable remedy that the wisdom of Kabbalah gives us is the ability to awaken our souls. And it happens in a simple manner: you only have to strive to experience what you are studying. From then on, you embark on a journey of discovery, increasingly revealing the Creator until reaching the level of infinity and perfection that He exists on.