Kabbalah: Pleased to Introduce You to – Yourself

In the circle of life – our demanding life – we find ourselves frustrated a million times a day. Maybe we don’t feel this way as much when we are young and careless, and it’s not until later that we really get it. But once we finally admit that we’ve grown up, we’re faced with the question, “What does our life come down to?”

Mainly – it comes down to trying to be optimistic in spite of all the problems. And the harder we try to remain positive, the less we succeed. And so at some point, some of us give up trying and lose ourselves in this boundless sea of frustrations, the endless cycle of disappointments.

We ask ourselves, or the people around us, or some Higher Force we believe is there – in short, anyone we can address – “Why am I not happy? Why am I not getting what I want? I want this and that, and even when I get it – I want more – so why am I not getting it

We want our boyfriends and girlfriends to “give more” – more love, compassion, money, or space. We break up, saying, “I just need my own space, you know?” or, “She/he does not care about me enough.” And then we go on seeking someone else, someone who will, this time, “give us more” of all those wonderful things that we, without any doubt, deserve to receive.

We have the same attitude in the workplace – we, again, expect to “get more,” and at the same time, we make sure to give of ourselves as little as possible.

In this endless cycle, we continue seeking something or someone who will fulfill our endless needs. Sometimes we feel as if our desires are eating us up, not letting us sleep at night, making us hate other peoples’ success and happiness, which somehow take away from our own…

Facing Our True Nature

But is it really all those people and things that are causing us this restlessness? Kabbalah says – no. The culprit is our ego – that’s what’s keeping us awake all night long, planning, counting, and stressing.

We don’t like hearing about this, do we? That’s because we are used to thinking that the ego is something we should be ashamed of, something we should hide, pretend it isn’t there. Society, religion, and the traditions we absorb while growing up, all tell us that being egoistic is bad, bad, bad.

But does this prevent us from being egoists? Of course not. In fact, our egos keep growing, even when we try to hold them back, and there is nothing in the world that can stop us from being this way. Kabbalah explains that this is because egoism is our inborn Nature.

But there is something we can do—something not so obvious. Before we go on trying to change the way we are, we should realize that the way we are is egoistic. We’ve been made that way. And since it clearly wasn’t us who made us, it’s really not up to us to change it on our own.

When we realize that our ego is something that’s instilled in us and can never “go away,” we might think, “Well, that’s the way I am, so – get in line, everybody, and give me all the pleasures in the world, and I will give you nothing in return!” But if you’ve made it this far into the article, you’re clearly looking for a better approach. And in fact, you can go further, and realize something more.

First, you will realize that not only are you an egoist, but everyone else is, too. Yes, it’s a bummer, but again, it is the way things are. And secondly, if our ego is instilled in us, then what is really “us”? Who are we? There’s gotta be something in us besides egoism, right?

That hunch is absolutely correct, and apparently, some people have already felt it and found a true answer to, “Who am I?” Those people are called Kabbalists, and they’ve developed a method that’s accessible to anyone interested. So if you want to get to the point of actually understanding – what’s going on with us and our lives? – then you’re invited to try the wisdom of Kabbalah and learn how to see beyond the ego.

Because out there, they say, there’s a whole new world that awaits your discovery.