Kabbalah Explains the Spiritual DNA

All of us know about the DNA inside our bodies, containing genetic instructions for our biological development. Basically, it is a set of informational data that gives orders to our bodies about how to develop and when. But how is that connected to Kabbalah, you might ask?

Kabbalah says we have more than just physical DNA inside us. We also have a spiritual one, called Reshimo. And just like the physical DNA, the Reshimo is a set of information inside of us. The Reshimo can be described as a spiral of information that gradually unravels, causing us to change and develop at every single moment.

This is how it works: every new moment for us is, in fact, a new Reshimo that surfaces within us. As soon as it does, we suddenly feel different from the previous moment, see different things around us, and experience the phenomenon of time going by. As soon as we’ve gone through the experience that the present Reshimo directs us to go through, a following, completely new Reshimo comes to the surface and we suddenly feel that time moves forward another instant, along with all the inner and outer changes we experience.

But there’s more. Kabbalah explains that the spiritual gene, the Reshimo, has a purpose. It directs our spiritual development toward a single goal: to connect to the force that binds all parts of Creation, the Creator. This means that eventually, we will reach a state where we will feel and understand the very force that sustains our existence and created us to begin with. This goal is described in Kabbalah as – adhesion with the Creator.

Hence, throughout the generations, and from one year to the next, it’s not only our technology, culture and science that develop. We also develop internally or spiritually, coming closer to adhesion with the Creator. In fact, it’s our spiritual development that induces all our corporeal innovations and achievements. How?

As described above, the unraveling of the Reshimo makes us constantly find ourselves in new states of development, both personally and globally. We begin wanting higher living standards than before, better technology, a more refined culture, and so on. Kabbalah explains that this is happening because behind the scenes, the Reshimo ceaselessly propels our desires to grow, and that is why we constantly want new things. Hence, precisely our spiritual development has brought about our external progress, that is, everything we have achieved in technology, culture and science.

Kabbalah explains that the Creator created us along with the Reshimo that guides our development, so that we will eventually reach His state. The interesting thing is that the only thing that changes and develops is us, while the force called Creator remains unchanging – it is in a state of complete perfection. Therefore, somewhat ironically, the purpose of all our movement and development is to reach that same perfect state of absolute rest as the Creator is in. This is where our spiritual genes are leading us.