Kabbalah Books – Waking Us Up to Reality

What if reality was something completely different than what we feel it to be? What if one day you woke up and discovered that everything you thought about the world, including who you are, where you live, and the people around you—was all just a dream?

This is no sci-fi scenario or fictional episode. It’s the world according to Kabbalah.

Let’s make an experiment: just for a moment, try forgetting everything you know. Forget yourself, the universe, your parents, and the chores you have to get around to later. There’s nothing and no one. Having a problem getting rid of yourself? Fine, you can keep yourself, since someone has to be doing all that thinking and feeling. But outside of you there is only an ocean of Light. There is nothing in all of reality except you and this Light, the Creator.

This is the reality Kabbalah reveals to us. And whenever you imagine anything besides the Creator or His Light, you are merely seeing imaginary pictures inside of you. In fact, this notion is not so far fetched for the average person, since modern science already shows that the picture of the world we see is actually depicted inside our brain.

But where did we get this knowledge about this ocean of Light that is the only thing outside of us?

We learned it from people who lived in this world just like everyone else, and who one day had a revelation of something higher. They began to see through matter, beyond the physical world. As they explored these new sensations, they discovered that behind everything we see, touch, hear, taste or smell, there is only one force that influences us. And they described it as the “Upper Light” or the Creator.

These people are called “Kabbalists,” and the wisdom they have passed down to us through the ages, Kabbalah, speaks about the revelation of Godliness. To understand what this means, you should cast aside any associations you may have with these terms. In Kabbalah, the revelation of Godliness means knowing how to feel the single force that is all around you, called “Upper Light.”

So how does Kabbalah enable me to feel this? The tools for revealing the Upper Light are Kabbalah books.

The Key Within Kabbalah Books

A Kabbalah book is no ordinary book. It contains a special key that can be used by the person reading the book, if he only knows how to read it.

First, one should know how to tell an authentic Kabbalah book from other books, because not all books that say “Kabbalah” are authentic. Moreover, even if a book is really an authentic Kabbalah book, it may not be suitable for everyone.
This is because Kabbalists composed books in many different styles and in different historical periods. And there is a very specific style that was created specifically for our generation. According to Kabbalists, our generation is the first that will practically begin implementing the wisdom of Kabbalah on the global scale. This is a generation where absolutely everyone is able to reveal the Creator.

So which Kabbalah books are the best for the modern person to read? Any books containing the writings of the last great Kabbalist, Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HaSulam), who lived in the 20th century. Yet, it is recommended that a beginning student first read books interpreting Baal HaSulam’s writings, to ease one’s way into those monumental works.

Such books provide the inlet to the concepts used in Baal HaSulam’s writings, and most importantly, guide one in reading them. In fact, proper reading of Kabbalah books is not an intellectual matter; one does not need to understand what he reads. The key inside Baal HaSulam’swritings is found through one’s desire to feel the reality that they are “trying to show him.”

What does this mean? If one simply reads the book with an open mind and heart, letting it guide him, and allowing the new sensations to pass through him, then one is reading a Kabbalah book correctly. So the formula to revealing the Creator in the modern age is very simple: read the right kind of book, and read it the right way.