Juice Therapy – Method to extract juice.

First of all fresh fruits and vegetables should be purchased. They should be of good quality. It should be remembered that preserved or stocked fruits and vegetables have already lost several of their essential vitamins. Fruits should always be ripe but not overripe. Fruits ripened artificially with the help of chemicals should never be selected. Fruits and vegetables grown with the help of natural compost manure are superior in quality to those grown with the help of chemical fertilizers. Normally, it is better to have vegetables grown in one’s own farm or close to one’s own house.

Electric juicer is the best instrument for extracting juice from fresh fruits and vegetables, because it also crushes the fibres and rinds of vegetables and fruits and pour out their rich elements into the juice. From this point of view there is no alternative to electric juicer. In its absence, one can manually extract juice from fruits and vegetables by crushing and mashing them.

Before extracting juice from fruits or vegetables, they should be washed out and cut into small pieces. If their rind is not very hard and is edible, it should not be peeled off because some of the rich elements are contained in it. Immediately put the shredded pieces into juicer and extract juice. If necessary, pour some water Filter the juice to avoid fibres. juices of fruits and vegetables should be used immediately after they have been extracted. Preserved or stocked juices come into contact with oxygen in the air. This oxidation of juices destroys most of their precious vitamins. According to expert dieticians, one should ‘eat’ juice instead of drinking it. Juice should not be swallowed hastily but taken slowly draught by draught.

After extracting juice, the juicer should be thoroughly washed and cleaned with warm water otherwise bacteria are produced in the juicer and they mix with juice when extracted next time.