Juice Plus Supplement – Can It Replace Fresh Fruit

Juice Plus is a supplement that is considered to be the next best thing to eating fresh fruits and vegetables. The supplement contains 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains.

What makes this juice so effective is that they come in a convenient, easy to take capsule that keeps the natural antioxidants, phyotochemical and fibers locked into the powder.

How It Is Made
The fruit, vegetables and grains that are used in the Juice Plus supplement contain only the fresh produce and are carefully monitored to make sure they are free from contaminants such as herbicides and pesticides.

The making of the supplement includes the fresh produce being juiced to separate the nutritional juices from the difficult to digest pulp. Once separated, the juice is made into powder form with a special drying process that will not damage the micro-nutrients.

Often, many of the useful vitamins and fibers found in fruits and vegetables can be harmed during the process by over heating. This is often the case when food is boiled over the stovetop or some of the other processes used to make fresh fruit and vegetable supplements into powder form. Once these are lost, the goodness of the supplement or food is compromised.

Who Can Take It

Fresh fruit and vegetable supplements can benefit anyone who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. This supplement has been approved by the International Olympic Committee as being free from any performance enhancing components, which makes it ideal for professional athletes.

Children can also use the supplement with Juice Plus Gummies. These will keep children who have bad eating habits healthier. Often, children won’t eat their required daily servings of fresh fruit and vegetables each day. A supplement will assist them to get the right amount of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, micro fibers and enzymes needed.

People wanting to loose weight can also benefit greatly from using the this nutritional supplement, helping to change their diet and some of their lifestyle habits. The supplement can either be taken in capsule form or there are chewable tablets for those who have trouble taking capsules.

Juice Plus is not meant to replace fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. It is recommended that, to keep in good health, people need 5-9 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Many people don’t get that much in their daily diets and that is why this supplement can be so beneficial