Joyful celebration games during Christmas parties in office

Is it difficult to think of just a few of the exciting gift exchange games for the office during any seasons at all? Popular games that are often played by office people include the secret Santa and white elephant gift exchanges. The reason behind its popularity is due to the fun and excitement attached to the games and therefore, the essence of playing these gift exchange games would be to set forth the clear rules of games.

The White Elephant gift exchange has always been one of the best and most interesting office games for all festive seasons. All games are guided and bounded by rules of their own and the White Elephant gift exchange game is no exception. However, there are no precise rules that must be followed exactly to maximize the fun value of the game. Variations can be incorporated into the games to suit certain conditions of the office such as number of participants, budget and so forth. Each and every one of the participants must purchase a gift not exceeding certain value such as a set dollar amount or within a range of values from ten dollars to thirty dollars; which depend very much on the policy or requirements of the team. The suggested gift selection should be an interesting object that can possibly amuse the team and something every one will enjoy, therefore, anything that is very practical will make a bad pick.

The rules for playing the White Elephant gift exchanges are easy and straight forward and they go like this: Firstly, you have to make sure that you get ready a set of numbers that are indicated with the presents numbers and mix it well in a box or a Santa hat (during Christmas). Each of the participants must draw out a number each from the box or hat and the game shall start with the person drawing out the lucky number 1. The first person has the opportunity to be the first to choose a gift for him or herself and keep the gift. The second person with the number 2 will be next to decide whether he or she likes to steal the first present from the first person or to choose a different gift. Remember that any presents that are opened can be subject to stealing and each present can only be stolen three times. Therefore, before the participant decides to keep the gift and not to steal the first gift, he or she can open the gift. This goes on until everyone receives a gift in the end.

The first person who starts off the game with a gift choice will be given a choice to steal a gift if he or she chooses at the conclusion of the game. This is to compensate for the fact that he or she is missing the chance earlier in the game for such stealing opportunity.

In this game there’s always one gift that everyone wants and will steal over and over again. What makes it fun is trying to figure out who is going to get the most coveted gift. In some cases, people can end up with the gift they brought.

The purpose for the white elephant game is to give opportunity for people to regift something which they receive from other people but which they do not want or like to keep. Therefore, there can be options opening for the participants whether to bring something that they wish to regift or to purchase a new gift with a predetermined value.

There are plenty of variations of Secret Santa game created or altered by offices and have been made very popular. One variation of the games which you can adopt would be to limit the dollar value on the gift and get every participant to make a Santa list. With that list for Santa, you can determine a aforementioned gift value such as five or ten dollars and what this means would be that every participant must not list items more than that five or ten dollars on their little Santa list.

After each and every participant has created their own Santa lists, they are required to put these lists in a box or a hat and by taking turns, they have to draw out a list for this box or hat. The Santa list that the person draws out will be the item or gift that he or she has to purchase for that particular recipient making the wish list. This person will know for who he or she will be shopping for; however, the recipient will not have any idea who will be his or her secret Santa. The Secret Santa must then make sure that the gift is delivered to the colleagues desk secretly and be careful not to reveal his or her identity. Most of the time, the participants will be given the choices of whether or not to sign off the present they bought. By signing off the gift, the recipient is able to show appreciation for the gift. If the secret is to remain undisclosed, then lets just make the gift-giving an interesting and anonymous fun game.