Journey Into Conscious Creation

When most people first learn about the Law of Attraction, they focus on “fixing what’s wrong” in their lives. They try attracting more money to ease their financial strain, finding a soul mate to ease their loneliness, creating a more fulfilling career, better health – and overall more happiness and peace.

These initial steps are only natural because better life circumstances can definitely make us feel more secure and stable.

But if you work with the Law of Attraction long enough, you start to experience a deeper shift, something bigger happening within you. You develop a new awareness that it’s not about the “outer stuff” at all. It’s about who you are becoming through the mastery of your inner power. It’s about THE JOURNEY; the incredible journey to the center of yourself.

One of the most fascinating things about such a journey is the stunning realization that the outer stuff you were so intent on “fixing” doesn’t really matter. It has no power over you except the power you choose to give it. If you believe it matters, it matters. If you believe you can’t be happy unless all that outer stuff is “fixed”, you must find a way to fix it as quickly as possible – or else.

Ah, but when you surrender to THE JOURNEY, everything changes. You stop fixing and start allowing. You stop struggling and start enjoying. You stop fearing and start knowing. You stop surviving and start thriving. You stop basing your happiness on outer circumstances and events – and remember that it all comes from within you.

Rather than trying to make it through each day, you begin seeing your life as an amazing opportunity to make a bigger impact on the world around you. You start thinking about the lives you can touch and the joy you can bring to others. You start expanding your vision and giving birth to dreams that are grander than anything you dared imagine before. And rather than feeling fearful and intimidated by these bold dreams, you have a strong inner knowing that you’ll be given the tools and resources you need to make them happen.

Probably the most wonderful thing about this journey is that you stop taking the whole thing so seriously. You find yourself smiling a little wider, laughing a little louder and expanding with so much joy that you might burst with it! You suddenly find yourself weeping great tears of gratitude for even the smallest of blessings, gasping in awe at the beauty all around you and seeing everything in your life as a breathtaking miracle.

Even better, the more deeply you immerse yourself in this journey, all of that “outer stuff” that bothered you so much before starts transforming before your very eyes. As you heal your perspective, everything around you heals too – effortlessly and instantaneously. You realize that nothing is truly broken. Nothing needs fixing – just a tiny tweak in consciousness is enough to trigger a ripple of transformation that seeps into every corner of your life.

When you lift your perspective and stop trying to figure it out, when you truly start LIVING the Law of Attraction, you embark upon a journey that will change you forever – from the inside out.