Journal Headshot

Copyright 2006 Writer’s Eye Advisory Service

A journal headshot (a short entry) provides a quick picture of yourself at anytime of the day. You can use it as a quick check of where you are during a break. You can also use it as a beginning journal entry, if you are just starting to journal. You can also write a series of journal headshots for a week or so. Then reread them and see if you discover any patterns in your thoughts, feelings, actions or perceptions. Keep this exercise handy for use at any time.

By following the directions you can cover several key areas without going into too much detail. After you finish one journal headshot. You can choose one answer and write through another headshot. This is a very flexible journal exercise. So grab your journal or a pen and paper and start writing.

Here are the general directions:

1) Write a sentence or phrase for each category listed below.

2) If you become stuck for words, use the word images included in each category to help you find some good ideas.

3) At the end of your entry, remember to record the month/day/year/time and location of your entry.

——– Describe yourself using the following categories:

1) I am feeling_________. (Word images: Deep blue water, cool ocean breeze, raindrops outside a window, ticking of a clock, or the clean fur of your pet dog)

2) I am thinking________. (Use word images to think about: buildings, community, attitudes, housing, workshops, churches, synagogues or museums)

3) I am working_________. (Useful word images: designing, memorizing, writing, learning, studying or listening)

4) I am doing________. (Useful word images: chores, gardening, sports workout, reading or working on a hobby)

5) I am hearing______________. Useful word images: music, water running, a car engine running, a baby crying, or someone moaning)

6) I am giving________________. (Useful images: helping an older person, picking up a baby, bringing in fresh flowers, singing a song, playing a musical instrument or hugging a friend)

7) I am serving______________. (Useful word images: food to the hungry, collecting clothes for the poor, writing a check to a charity, packing toys for a toy drive, or creating ornaments for a community tree)

8) I am intuiting_________. (Useful word images: my pet’s conversation, my partners’ reaction, my child’s mood, my first response or the look on my friends’ face)

9) I am tasting___________. (Useful word images: sweet n’ sour soup, super hot chili, sweet iced tea, carrot cake, chocolate chip ice cream, a banana, sugar-free gum or macaroni and cheese)