Jonathan Budd can help you make money – but here’s how you can do it on your own

Jonathan Budd, Jonathan BuddÂ…

Jonathan Budd, it seems, is dominating the internet in certain home business niches – as I am running into his WebPages every time I search for anything related to Network Marketing. And it seems as if his influence is growing stronger every single day.

Just who is this online super hero – and how did he become so well known in cyberspace?

Jonathan’s online recruiting tactics are aggressive and persistent, he has taken the basic principles of Web 2.0, social networking, and direct response marketing into the world of the Network Marketer – this simple strategy allows individuals to succeed at their business without resorting to outdated 1960’s tactics still being taught by unknowing home business entrepreneurs.

He has basically developed a ‘plug and get paid’ system – whereby one can sign up for his system and immediately engage in marketing, rather than spending weeks, months, or years struggling through the process of building a website. (That’s what you’re sold, in any case…)

The reality of online marketing with Jonathan Budd is this – it takes A LOT of hard work, discipline, focus, and training to effectively create a web presence online and brand yourself as an attractive leader. I have listed five skills below that you absolutely need to be successful using Jonathan Budd’s training:

1. Your goals need to be larger than life. Don’t just think about something that will inspire you – imagine inspiring thousands, or millions of individuals all over the world with what you set in motion.

2. Basic presentation skills must be developed. Sorry folks, this is just the truth – EVERY successful Network Marketer has the basic developed ability to be inspiring, convincing, and influential to those they speak with. (When I got started, I had absolutely no idea how to present anything in an attractive way – however it is a fairly easy skill to learn).

3. Creating leads is absolutely essential – and you must master the ability to generate massive leads through online marketing. Seriously – if you don’t learn how to create leads, you’re not going to build any sort of successful organization in Network Marketing – regardless of whether you buy Jonathan Budd’s ‘magical courses’ or not. Creating effective online campaigns that flood you with interested prospects is the most important skill you can learn in Network Marketing. Luckily, you can create leads simpler, faster, and more consistent today with the internet than has ever been possible in the evolution of business – but it still takes massive amounts of work.

4. You need to have a simple marketing system that will create posture for you in your marketing campaigns through the power of personal branding. Marketing a company replicated website is the standard failing system of thousands of distributors who are struggling in the MLM industry.

5. You need a LOT of hard work! There is no free lunch in this industry. Network Marketing is a rewarding industry – but it is one that is dominated by those who will work hard. Now the good part is that it doesn’t take ten years of school to be successful in this industry – and you can make way more than a doctor can, too. You can learn everything you need to know in a year or two. If you work hard for 3-6 months, you can be in a strong financial position, sponsoring 2 or more reps into your business each day. (Just think of the possibilities with that).

Mastering the skills of building a list online is not going to be easy – but it is the MOST VALUABLE skill that you can create. You can learn more about how to do that in my author bio below.