Joint Mexico T1msn Telmex Venture

Joint Mexico T1MSN Telmex Venture- Better Coverage to Enhance Revenues and Services

Joint ventures or simply JV’s are being used to make better revenue and output of their merged state. Whether there are difficulties in making a joint venture, this is to spread the costs and the risks of JV’s. Here, we will be using the joint Mexico T1MSN Telmex venture to see how mergers work.

In this case the joint venture of Mexico T1Msn Telmex venture, both companies are highly efficient in making the reality of a JV which it could surpass their goals in the long run. Here are the basic information of both companies.;

About Telmex

Telmex is the principal communications corporation in Mexico. They currently have more than 12 million phone lines in operation; they are also offering telecommunications services on a 68,000 Km. fiber-optic digital network. The company and its sub-companies are offering wide ranges of sophisticated telecommunications, information and video services, and Internet connection plus an included telecommunication solution used for commercial customers related to Internet Data Centers Infrastructure and Data Connectivity.

As of today, the company is the telecommunications solutions provider leading in Mexico among products intended for all population ranges. There is more information available from their official website.

About MSN

MSN is one of the most popular networks in the internet; they are garnering more than 230 million visitors each month. It is accessible within 33 markets and 17 languages; MSN is a World Wide Web provider which is served thru homes across the United States. This is where they can be able to get all they want from the network and make the most of their time online. MSN is a global leader in delivering World Wide Web services to consumers and digital promotion solutions to businesses worldwide. There is also more information in their official website.

On June 2001, the joint Mexico T1MSN Telmex venture, have announced their Spanish portal to be used for the Spanish market. This is a good step for all the Hispanic internet users which can help them make use of the web.

As of the same time later, the joint Mexico T1MSN Telmex venture will be acquiring Yupi/MSM which is also a Spanish language portal. In the process the joint Mexico T1MSN Telmex venture which have a 5 million unique users and going, will likely be ported to the United States for people who speak Spanish which is a very good move by the merged company.

Accelerating in the Hispanic market, the joint Mexico T1MSN Telmex venture is always on the go with the best conditions to day and being on the number 1 position in Internet based E-mail in the Hispanic regions of America.

Enabling a merger from a Central American company with a region-based company from Latin America is a very good example of a joint venture. Comparing them, they are better off to have a great deal of monopoly to others as they are eliminating the competition by merging into one and also reducing competition due to its bigger and better services.

Joint ventures are simply one of the best ways to make more revenues and simply have better services due to the geographic situation of the other company and the skills of the origin company. This practice is also evident in china as there are many companies that exploit the advantages of having another company to enhance their profits and have a stable operation in that country.

Dramatic changes will likely lead to great things. The joint Mexico T1MSN Telmex venture is one which we can look upon and set an example on how to make large scale mergers to be evidently successful in the long run and even in a short period of time.