Jogging Stroller Buying Guide

You’re in the market for your first Jogging Stroller, but you don’t know where to begin. In my mind, there are five key points you need to look at in order to start looking for that perfect jogging stroller.

Step 1: Determine your Use for the Stroller: Jogging, Running, Everyday Stroller or all of the above?

These are good question’s to define right at the start because the answers to these questions will narrow your search. If you are looking for a stroller for use in all daily application’s as well as jogging, you may want to look at a stroller with a front swivel wheel that locks so when you are trying to do a tight turn in the mall you can, or if you are jogging, you can lock the front wheel for ease of use. The Baby Jogger City Series is a good all-around stroller. If you are just looking for a dedicated jogging stroller, you wouldn’t want a swivel wheel and may want a few more features in your stroller. The Bob Deluxe Sport Utility Stroller is a great dedicated jogging stroller as it provides more shock absorption for your baby during your runs.

Step 2: Determine your Price Range: Money Talks $$$

After step 1, you will immediately want to figure out your price range before going any further. Jogging Strollers can cost you around $100 all the way up to $500 or more so it’s a good idea to know your budget and stick with it. Of course the more expensive strollers give you more features, better suspension, ease of transport, but you can also find great strollers for around the $100 mark if that’s your budget. Just last year the Baby Trend Expedition Stroller was voted #1 as the best buy for lower priced strollers (approx $100). If you have a bit more you can spend, Maclaren Strollers give you features galore with adjustable safety bar, multiple positions for your baby to recline, and an adjustable arm rest.

Step 3: Size Does Matter

You know your stroller type, you know your budget, now you need to dig into the details of the product and make sure that your stroller fits your baby. Every jogging stroller is made to hold up to a certain weight whether its up to 30 lbs or up to 50 lbs. How long you would like your jogging stroller to fit your baby plays a very important role in the max weight the jogging stroller is build for. For example the Bob Ironman stroller max capacity is 70 lbs vs. the Schwinn Free Runner stroller max capacity is 50 lbs. Do your homework and check the specs on the jogging strollers you are looking at.

Step 4: Wheel Size

Stroller Wheels come in 12″, 16″ and 20″. The bigger the wheel the tougher they are. If you are planning on light jogging a 12″ wheel will suit you just fine, if you will be doing more intense running or off pavement running, you need to look at 16″ or 20″ wheels. If you are looking at a double stroller, think about going up a wheel size for more stability for your little ones. A good rule of thumb: the more intense terrain, the bigger the wheel.

Step 5: Accessorize

When you buy your jogging stroller, its good to look at any Jogging Stroller Accessories you may need to go with your stroller. There are all types of accessories from bug nets to sun visors and complete covers for the winter. Like all products, some stroller models will go out of style so its good to buy your accessories soon after your jogging stroller purchase to avoid compatibility problems when models change.

Happy Jogging.