Job Interviews Give Them What They Want to Hear

Job interviews. Each interviewer thinks that they are using new and novel techniques. Really it all goes down to the book they read this week or most likely last year.
Once you realize that there is little originality in interview techniques your ability to succeed in interviews and hence jobs and promotions offered to you will soar .and you will be on the gravy train so to speak.

In actuality it is all about giving the interviewer what is that they want to hear.
Management guru Riteway Strokon notes that the skill of getting through university is to learn to give back to the professor what he told in different words – and importantly words that he understands. So it is with passing interviews. .
There is very little originality in interview techniques and questions no matter how elaborate and intimidating the interviewer and interview seems. If ever get an honest out of way real interview this is the tip off that this is either the company with its style of management or the superior you can work with and for to prosper.

First of all read and reread the ad or posting carefully. What are they looking for?
What skills and traits are desired both by the organization and the ad? Do you have those traits or will you have to groom them. Reread the ad to ascertain the “corporate culture”. How could you fit into that society so to speak? How would you present yourself both in appearance, attitude and answers to better fit the interview mold?

Further along the path of interview preparation, research the company either as if you were buying one of the company’s expensive products or purchasing a large block of stock. The internet affords the easiest and quickest ever means of initial research.
. If you use Google as your search engine of choice try using other search engines – such as MSN or Yahoo. You can even try a search engine of search engines – a Meta search engine such as Dogpile or Clusty. Look at the links leading to firm’s WebPages.
Are there links leading from customers for tech support or product information? Who are their major customers? Often the real dirt and info on a company can be obtained from competitors. The best source of information about a Tylenol sales manager would be from their competition – that is someone who sells aspirin for example. Call tech support for the company to check customer service levels as well as the over demeanor and morale of company. If possible such as for retail stores try to talk to some real employees of the firm. What you are looking for is consistency in approach and philosophy all the way down the line and happy satisfied employees and customers. For example the job listing may be all about “targeting and core customer base”. However if you spot that the company is not targeted that their advertising as well as focus is all over the map with no discernable focus and that major customers are unhappy and are ready to jump ship then this is not a good sign for you.

Just as you are playing a game at presentation in the interview process management often has to play a similar game with their supervisors who may be clueless. Look at what was the most major and vital industry to the American economy that was the automobile industry. It used to be said “What is good for General Motors (GM) is good for America. Now the American car industry with its insulated senior management is on its way to hell in a hand basket. Or at least with senior management is still being served executive meals on white linen far away from any employee cafeteria or worker lunchbox. Management may be shown a video or given a course and be clueless about basic concepts in life that your 4 year old nephew knows instinctively

Preparation is the key to successful job interviews. Lastly it is always a good idea not to laugh at the incongruity of the interviewer’s questions and answer questions with a straight face while maintaining eye contact.