Job Interview Tips: How to Dress

We all know that first impressions have a significant importance especially when it comes to job interviews. When you are heading to a job interview, take note that your appearance will be judged almost the same as your resume, if not even more so. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take a close look in the mirror before entering a job interview.

So, what should you wear to a job interview? You can either do a little research in advance, then dress according to the dress code common in the applied work place or field, or you can go for the casual conservative look, which always manages to create an impressive impression. My advice is to always look your best to a job interview. Even if in that certain firm casual dress is acceptable, wear the best looking casual attire rather than settling for the slacker look.

What to Wear to a Job Interview: Men

Make sure that your appearance is clean and tidy; hair and nails included.
Solidity and conservativeness are the most important keywords when dressing to job interviews.
The best attire for a job interview would be a conservative suit and tie in dark, solid colors with a long sleeved, button shirt in a light color underneath.
Your shoes should be solid as well with dark socks; shine your shoes before you leave home.
Do not overdo with the aftershave and go lightly with the jewelry, if any at all.
Pay attention to the last of the smallest details of your appearance.

Women: What to Wear to a Job Interview

Again, regardless of the dressing codes at the applied work place, to the job interview keep a solid, conservative and neat appearance.
The same as your fellow man wear a conservative, dark colored suit with a coordinated blouse underneath in a solid color or a tailor dressed in one solid color.
Put on moderate shoes with low to medium heels.
Limit yourself to a symbolic make up and jewelry; do not go over the top with the perfume as well.
Keep a tidy and professional hairstyle and manicure your nails in advance.

General Dos and Donts when Dressing for a Job Interview
Do not reveal your tattoos if you have any. Same goes for any piercings you may have.
Do not add noisy and flashy accessories such as jewelry, hats, belts, etc.
Do not enter into an interview chewing gum or holding a cup of coffee.

Do prepare your outfit a day in advance instead of searching for it first thing on the morning.
Do consult with someone you trust for his or her opinion.
Do check yourself before entering, shake away the dust, and enter calm and full of confidence. Good luck!