Jewish Matchmaking: Does Jewish Matchmaking Really Work?

With thousands of men finding romance (and more!) online, Jewish Matchmaking services seem to be popping up everywhere! But do they really help you find women?
Well first, you may be thinking, “What is the difference between Online Matchmaking and Online Dating?” Good question. And the line is often blurred.
The best distinction I’ve heard, is that matchmaking has marriage as a definite “end goal”. Whereas dating has more flexible goals (starting new relationships, finding sexual partners, or yes, even “playing the field”). But people who use a Dating Service, often wind up “pairing off” anyways – so the distinction really doesn’t exist.
Even more confusing for you, is the fact that there are many types of services who claim to be “matchmakers”: singles publications, speed dating events, private matchmakers, and now, even some “social networking sites”. So let’s clear up some of the confusion, by looking at how Matchmaking works (online and offline).
Historically, the Jewish Matchmaker would obtain information about the bride and groom. Then they would “introduce” the prospective pair, then handle the wedding arrangements.
Today’s Matchmaking service still obtains detailed information from you. Then they try to personally match you up with their other members, based upon that information obtained.
The problem is, the so-called personal method is in reality, antiquated, inefficient and oddly enough – impersonal! Today’s Online Dating Sites have highly efficient, computer-based methods for obtaining your personal information, that automatically filter out the “bad” matches – then let YOU do the choosing, from their huge memberships.
Which brings us to the next disadvantage of Matchmaking services vs. Dating sites: Size. Matchmaking services (and even online Matchmaking sites), are typically much smaller (since they operate “manually”). Which means that Online Dating Sites provide you with a far LARGER group of “prospects” to choose from.
Then there’s the cost. Jewish Matchmaking services typically charge a monthly fee. Translation: You pay… and pay… and pay.
Dating Site charges are typically one-time. Then after that, they charge per-use which is more fair: You only pay for results! Add on to that, the fact that most Dating Sites offer Free services. And those services are typically the kind you use upfront!
The final disadvantage of Matchmaking services – are the scams. Recently, we’ve seen a flurry of “fly-by-night” Matchmaking services, come and go (with your money!). The large Dating Sites on the other hand, have their track record (and their huge size), to insure that they will continue to operate for the long term.

Ok then. We’ve looked at the disadvantages of Matchmaking services. So where do you go instead?
You go for the gold: Online Dating Sites.
Why go with an Online Dating Site? Because of the tremendous Dating advantages you get!
Now, this article is about Matchmaking services, so I can’t cover those advantages here, in detail. (See my next article in this series – more about that below.)
But briefly: You get hundreds (even thousands) of potential partners to choose from. You are “approached” by interested women/men 24 hours a day. You can “get to know” someone using multiple tools for interactive communication, BEFORE you meet them. You can “approach” whoever you desire, without any risk of in-person “rejection”. Plus best of all, you can do it all from the comfort of your home – sitting in front of your computer!

In conclusion, Online Dating Services provide free services upfront, allow you to interact online with your prospective mate (without having to use expensive dinners, movies, parties, whatever – just to “meet”), and allow you to get acquainted without the risk of in-person “rejection”. Single Jews in particular, can choose from a large number of established, reputable dating sites – that have a large database of Jewish singles. Singles who are looking for you!
So can you really meet quality, fun, sexy, Jewish women online? Yes! Many happy Jewish couples say that they would have never met their partners, if they had not been using an Online Dating Service.
But I’ll tell you the truth: Even though you’ll have better results from an Online Dating Site, than from Jewish Matchmaking – it’s not as easy as “they” say it is. To use all the great advantages of an Online Dating Service, to YOUR advantage – you have to know the “secrets”. And that is the subject of my next article in this series, which you can read at the website shown in the Resource Box below.