Jewelry Ideas For A Non-Traditional Bride

If you want to add some character in your wedding then there are several jewelry options to choose from. Listed below are few creative accessory tips that can provide you the look of a unique, non-traditional bride.

Play with colors:

The word ‘bride’ at a traditional wedding ceremony is mostly a synonym for the color ‘white’. So, if you want to look different, push the envelope on colors and buy jewelry that is replete with gemstones. You can find a wide variety of gemstones in different shapes, colors and sizes.

There are many ways you can play with colors at your wedding. Choose bold blue turquoise, appatite or sapphire stones to match your blue eyes, coral, garnet or ruby to match the pink and red flower bouquet or emerald, peridot and jade for your red hair. According to fashion experts, colors can be considered as the most important part in the accessories of a non-traditional bride because she can express her personal style with different colors.

Experiment with the size of your jewelry:

Traditionally, brides choose delicate and very feminine accessories. But since you are a non-traditional bride, go for bold and chunkier jewelry which is fun and different. You can wear necklaces that are long and multi layered with colorful gemstones to appear graceful yet unique. Single strand bracelets or cuff bracelets with big gemstones can be fun to wear and without having to go overboard you will be able to tie in a color theme. Wear long hoops with petite gems instead of pearl studs.


Make sure that you choose the right style of earrings because this is a very important accessory. Since there are so many shapes, sizes and colors of earrings available, make sure that you buy one that is unique but suits your wedding gown or planned color theme at the wedding. Hoops decorated with a little feminine flare would work best for a non-traditional bride.

You can team it up with dangling gemstones or cascading chains. You can opt for the cascade style which is a timeless design open to modern style interpretation. You can choose a length that would compliment your style and looks. You should wear your hair up so that earrings don’t get tangled. Since these earrings are full of gems, ensure that it is not the only thing that stands out. Don’t go for heavy and big studs because it would make you look klutzy and not funky and different.


It is not necessary that a wedding band has to be very plain or an engagement ring has to be diamond. You must buy an engagement ring or wedding band that you would love to wear everyday, something that would compliment your style and personality. You can either choose your birthstone or anniversary month when deciding for a stone on your ring. In case you feel that this will be way too non-traditional, you can always opt for a diamond ring.

Letting the bridesmaids choose:

You can ask your bridesmaids to choose jewelry of their styles and preferences from a custom made jewelry store. You choose your jewelry and then let them select for themselves, or vice versa.