Jet Skiing One of the Extreme Sports Everyone Can Enjoy

Jet Skiing is one of the most exciting extreme sports on the water today. The exciting thing about Jet Skiing is that almost anybody at any age can enjoy the sport. If there is a body of water, rather it is a pond, lake, or ocean; you can break out your Jet Ski and hit the water. Made popular by the availability of the watercraft in Florida and other southern beaches, Jet Skis are a popular pass time that allows the rider the excitement of a motor cycle and at the same time offers the exhilaration of water craft. This is truly one of the extreme sports everyone can enjoy.

A Jet Ski is part speed boat and part water skiing device. It also gives you the feeling you are riding a motorcycle as you jet through the water. The Jet Ski has an enclosed gas powered motor instead of a propeller. This motor pushes water out in a jet stream that pushes the Jet Ski at break neck speeds. You stand on the Jet Ski holding the handle bars with two hands like you would do a motorcycle. There is a throttle on the handle bars in which you manipulate with your hand just like a throttle on a motor cycle. The only thing different is there are no breaks. You have to lean into the Jet Ski to get the craft to slow down. If you are thrown from the Jet Ski, there is a lanyard that is attached to your life vest which will pull out the key and kill the motor. You simply have to swim back to the Jet Ski, climb aboard, push in the key, and restart the motor.

You can buy your own Jet Ski for around a thousand to several thousand dollars. The cost is minimal when you compare how much fun and excitement you can have on virtually any body of water. If not up to purchasing one but still wanting to enjoy one of the world’s most exciting extreme sports, you can rent or lease a Jet Ski at most public beaches or lakes. Usually running around thirty five to forty dollars an hour, you can get a piece of the thrill as you take off from the beach and have fun. The extent of your excitement is the limit you hold yourself back to. You can do exciting tricks like 360s, power slides, and aerials with your jet ski. Some Jet Ski rentals will have ramps for you to jump or you can just cut behind a passing powerboat and jump the wake.

For extreme Jet Ski action, you may want to take the Jet Ski out to the beach. Here if the surf is up, you can launch your jet ski twenty and thirty feet in the air as you crest waves, shoot yourself into the air, and crash safely into the water below. This is, however, for the more experienced rider, but the Jet Ski can be used at any experience level and speed.