Jenn Lawlor Review – Online MLM Prosperity Coach

Who is Jenn Lawlor?

If you’ve done any searching for online MLM companies, no doubt you’ve ran into Jenn Lawlor – an internet marketing coach who is involved with a company called Life Path Unlimited. Usually you can find her business information scattered between various videos, audios, and websites when searching for various online MLM programs. She usually has a brief introduction video, followed by an invitation to subscribe to her newsletter for more information.

Her company, Life Path Unlimited is a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company that promotes various books, DVDs, courses, and audio programs for self growth and personal development. Life Path Unlimited courses can be quite pricey – you can pay all the way up to $15,000 for their most expensive courses. Ouch!

Jenn Lawlor is excellent in the area of Internet Marketing, and is very good at promoting her business. So if you do decide to fork over the cash to get started in Life Path Unlimited with Jenn, at least you’ll have a team coach who knows how to market themselves online.

Even though Jenn Lawlor is great at marketing, though, would it be a smart idea to join her MLM business?

Well, that depends on exactly what you’re looking for. Understand this, that to get the full benefits out of Life Path Unlimited, you’ll need to purchase a majority of their products, and that they have one of the more expensive start up costs for an MLM business. While you certainly don’t need to spend the entire 15 grand to start up, as time goes by you’ll be spending higher and higher amounts.

The question I like to ask when people ask my expert opinion on MLM companies is ‘Would you buy that product or service anyway, even if you weren’t involved in the business opportunity?’ If there is absolutely no way you can justify the cost, that is a great indicator that it would do you a great service to look elsewhere for an opportunity.

If you don’t mind taking out a second mortgage to start an MLM business, though, Jenn Lawlor may just be able to help you.

The biggest thing you can learn from looking at Jenn Lawlor’s material is you can take notes on how you can properly market your business. Because of course we all want massive traffic and free publicity for our websites, don’t we?

The two biggest lessons that you can learn from how she markets herself are these:

1. To prosper online, you need to PROMOTE YOURSELF as the leader. Jenn Lawlor is an excellent example of this. Notice how she doesn’t depend on ridiculous corporate presentations to create all of her business growth – you’ll see her out there presenting her business herself. Because she is perceived as the expert in her business, her results are absolutely astounding.

2. You need a simple online way for ANYONE at ANY SKILL LEVEL to plug in and start making money right away. This is important, because there are millions of prospects out there who aren’t technology junkies and who need a simple system to follow if they are going to have success online.

To conclude briefly, do your research before you decide to get involved with Jenn, or any other online MLM guru. Sign up for her newsletter – if for no other reason it will give you some great tips on how to grow your business online. It’s my personal opinion that there are better, more simple business opportunities that will cost way less money than Life Path Unlimited – but the end decision is up to you.

And don’t you think that MLM is about the success of the average person?

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