Japanese Hair Straightening

Japanese Hair Straightening is one of the methods which has been increasingly popular. It is also called thermal reconditioning, Japanese straightening, and thermal restructuring. Japanese Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning is hailed by some as a new answer to fulfilling the desire for straighter hair. A fully completed process of thermal restructuring will range between four and eight hours for completion (and roughly an hour long follow-up session three days later). Hair length and thickness will determine how long the process will last. The charge for this process varies drastically depending upon where you are located. Some salons in Los Angeles will charge about five hundred dollars for this process. However, there are some salons within New York who will charge under $200 for this. Check around your area to see what deal you may be able to get.

Relaxers, a name referring to chemical hair straighteners, are fundamentally associated with the hair type of African Americans. Thermal reconditioning is designed and recommended for Caucasian hair. Categories of human hair vary in aspects like texture and the ability for retaining moisture. Tighter curls yield less noticeable results. The procedure of present focus will potentially work for anybody, but certainly to varying degrees. They can even make African hair more manageable, though as already noted, in such case the better route may still be a relaxers.

If your hair has been relaxed already, you are not able to use thermal reconditioning. These two procedures may yield some ugly results like breakage and fall out. If your hair was just previously permed or highlighted, a test strand will be needed to determine your ability to withstand chemicals.

So what exactly does this process do? This Japanese method is going to restructure the protein bonds of your hair. Depending on your hair’s idiosyncratic combination of qualities, out growth is treated in six to nine months later. Many particulars like these reveal the absolute necessity of the properly trained stylist who will be able to apply the correct formulas.

Your beautiful new hair will remain straight. However, as mentioned you eventually need to repeat the process for your hair’s new growth. Another revolutionary feature that occurs with this straightening process, is the length of time it takes to dry hair. Once you have tried this method you will find that drying hair will only take literally a few minutes. This is an added bonus to your new hair do!

Japanese hair straightening is truly a realm of improved possibilities. Hair will remain healthy, as opposed to some of the damages caused through relaxers, and frizz will finally disappear from your hair completely.

Source: https://positivearticles.com