Jamaican Beaches

Amazing Beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica is the third largest islet in the Caribbean, located just south of Cuba. Jamaican hospitality is well known all over the world. As well, the islet is famous for rum, music, coffee and many picturesque beaches. There are many beaches near Jamaica. You can visit some Jamaican beaches during your Jamaica tours.

The beaches in Jamaica are amazing and worth visiting. Some major Jamaican beaches are Doctor’s Cave Beach, Seven Mile Beach, Boston Bay Beach, Treasure Beach, Cornwall Beach, Fairy Hill Beach, Hellshire Beach, James Bond Beach and Mallards Beach. On the beaches of Jamaica, you can laze around in the rich sunlight, can observe the unending sea or can taste a sip of unusual hot drinks. Resting on the sunny sands is always a nice experience.

Tourists can enjoy various beach activities on the beaches of Jamaica. You can have water sailing, windsurfing, parasailing and scuba diving on these beaches. All the beaches serve as a haven for swimmers and adventure lovers. Deep-water fishing facility is also available on some of the beaches. Location of the beaches is so charming and gorgeous that you will forget everything while observing the glory of the nature here.

Ocho Rios is one of the popular Jamaican beaches. The beach is famous for Blue Mountains, the kingdom of flora and fauna. The mountains are full with dense plantations of coffee and you can taste here the world famous coffee during your visit. Mallard beach is another beautiful beach in this region, which is sited in the center of Ocho Rios. The beach is surrounded by many hotels. The specialty of this beach is that the beach is untouched by modern civilization; therefore, it is the perfect place getting away from the workloads of daily life.

Grande Beach is an eye-catching community beach on Jamaica’s rich shores. The beach is not far from the colonized areas of Jamaica, yet the people do not heavily occupy it. The scenery of Grande Beach increases the gory of it.

Boston Bay Beach is located near Port Antonio. The beach is known for white sands, plain waters and grand jerk pork stands. This beach has the biggest waves in Jamaica, and you can hire surfboards here to enjoy surfing. Cornwall Beach is one of the most famous Jamaican beaches.

The beach is located near the Montego Bay and it is surrounded by smooth, pasty, sugary sand. Doctor’s Cave Beach is famous for five-mile stretch of fair sand. Water of the sea is easygoing and suitable for swimming. The beach houses some changing rooms and a bar and it is one of the perfect spots to enjoy vacation with your family.

Negril beaches are famous for many reasons. Seven Mile Beach is the major attraction of Negril. This picturesque beach is extended 7-miles beside the west coast and golden sands cover it. The beach is suitable for the whole family to enjoy various beach activities. Yet there are some nudist patches where you will find all the tourists naked.

Thus, Jamaican beaches are full off various beach activities and one should not miss a them while visiting the islands of West Indies.

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