Jamaica Vacation Rentals

Jamaica Vacation Retals

Jamaica is one of the most preferred tourist destinations and eye-catching islands of West Indies. Picturesque beauty of this island invites many tourists from all over the world. This island is filled with music, tasty food, rum and scenic beaches. Thousands of tourists and vacationers come here to enjoy their vacations. If you want to spend some days at Jamaica, then ask a travel agent about different Jamaica vacation rentals.

Boscobel has two of beautiful villas in Jamaica. One is located at Ocho Rios and another near Dunn’s river falls. Rica Vista is one of the villas of Boscobel located in Oracabessa. This villa has its own pool, beach, and large garden surrounded by coconut trees and juicy flowers. There are expert cooks in the resort. You can taste here distinctive Jamaican cuisines during your stay in the villa.

Boscobel offers various types of Jamaica vacation rentals according to the facilities and duration. The vacation rental of Boscobel includes air-conditioned rooms with satellite cable TV, stereo system and VCR. Boscobel also provides you well-equipped kitchens with refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher and icemaker.

The vacation rentals also include various beach sports and adventures like tennis, windsurfing, rafting and fishing. If you want to stay here for a whole week, then you will have to pay $1400 per week in summers and $1800 during winters.

Summerwind is another Boscobel villa, built on a hillside land. This villa offers unequaled views of the exciting sea. Staying in this villa, you can experience the real beauty of Jamaica with its attractions and local life. If you want to stay in this villa, then it is better to know about the various types of Jamaica vacation rentals that are available here.

This villa offers a wide range of beach activities including biking, rock climbing, boating, sailing, and swimming. If you want to stay here for a whole week, then you have to rent $2500 for three suites. Six persons can stay in these three suites. Summerwind provides single suite for the couple.

Two persons can live in this suite for a week. Rental for the week is $700. All the rentals are same round the year. You can also stay here with additional persons by paying $30 per night.

Tourists can confirm the Jamaica vacation rentals from Discovery Bay Vacation. The Discovery Bay offers various vacation packages. Mount Corbett Estate is one of the beautiful resorts of the Discovery Bay. This resort is the perfect place to enjoy wonderful views of the Caribbean. The Mount Corbett Estate provides various types of vacation package rentals.

All the vacation rentals include air-conditioned rooms with dryer, washer, satellite cable TV, DVD, private pool and stereo system. Besides that, you can enjoy here various beach sports also. Sightseeing tour is also included in the rentals.

Mount Corbett Estate offers two types of vacation rentals. If you want to stay here from Dec 15 to Apr 30, the rates are $6800 for every week and from May 1 to Dec 14; you have to pay $4800 per week. But remember that all these rates can change without prior notice.

Thus, you can make your Jamaica vacation easier by knowing about rentals in advance.

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