Jamaica Family Vacation

Jamaica Vacation is it Right For Your Family?

Jamaica is one of the luxury islands and finest tourist destinations of the West Indies. The island is filled with appetizing food, enjoyable music, white sand beaches and several other things. Many people consider Jamaica as one of the leading family vacation destinations in the Caribbean. In Jamaica, family vacations become very exciting as they offer a nice opportunity of exploring attractive beaches and lush green forests of Jamaica.

Jamaica family vacations offer all types of beach activities. You can enjoy various water sports here. You can play tennis, snorkeling, banana boats, golf and limbo shows. Shoppers will find outstanding buys in straw goods. There are many tourist attractions in and around Jamaica. Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios are the most important attractions of Jamaica.

Montego Bay is also known as Mo Bay. Montego Bay is the second largest city on the island of Jamaica. Generally, it is referred to the hub of Jamaican tourism; as well, it is the market place for a big part of western Jamaica. There are three beaches in Montego Bay including Doctor’s Cave Beach, Walter Fletcher Beach and Cornwall Beach. Attractive white sands surround the Doctor’s cave beach, and the clear water of the sea is believed to be fed by mineral springs.

Walter Fletcher Beach is sited in the centre of the city. Rose Hall is another beautiful place near the Bay. The hall is known as the most popular Great House of Jamaica and it is completely refurbished on a sugar plantation. You can also visit the Rocklands Feeding Station at Anchovy, which is the abode to numerous migrant birds in the world including orange quit, mango hummingbird and the Doctor Bird, the national bird of Jamaica.

Visitors can also give food to the birds here. In Jamaica family vacations, tourists can travel through dense mountain forests into the inner areas of Montego. The thick forests are full with coconut and banana grooves. The Ipswich Caves that are carved from sandstone are worth visiting and the gorgeous artistry is eye-catching. Tourists can also go to the sugar estate of the Appleton Rum Factory.

The sugar estate is also a worth visiting place. If you want to buy shirts and dresses at Jamaica, go to Catapuda and enjoy garment shopping there. There are many textiles industries at Catapuda and dresses and shirts are made al a large quantity here.

Do not miss a visit to Negril beach during Jamaica family vacations. It is located on the western tilt of Jamaica. The beach is spread over seven miles of land and it is famous as an ideal place to enjoy some of the finest sunsets in the globe. On Negril beach, a whole family can enjoy various adventure water sports like scuba diving, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, water skiing and other sports.

Negril beach is widely known as the family beach resort of Jamaica, because it has preserved much of its originality. The streets of Negril are full with a wide range handlooms and craft goods, which are so beautiful and worth purchasing.

Thus, Jamaica family vacations are always full with various beach activities and tourists can enjoy the beautiful nature and sea here during their tours.

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