Jack Lalanne’s Power Juicer Express – Quiet & Powerful

The Power Juicer Express has made an appearance more than once throughout the late-night onslaught of tempting infomercials.

Instead of purchasing an air mattress for houseguests or the latest in cosmetic technology, why not invest your money in a product that will keep you healthy? The Jack LaLanne Power Juicer Express is the perfect place to start.

When you think of juicing, you may picture the strenuous and tedious task of peeling and cutting all of your fruits. By the time you get to the juicing part of the process, you are exhausted.

With the Power Express model, you’ll be able to juice whole fruits with ease, saving both time and energy. The attractive slim-line design of this unit will fit perfectly into any countertop display.

Plus, you will extract 30% more juice than other juicers on the market, making sure you get your money’s worth out of each and every juicing experience.

Product Features
The motor of this juicer offers 3,600 RPM, which barely compares to the roar of other models. Some say the unit doesn’t make a peep above the sound of a whisper.

When pouring your healthy juice, a non-drip spout makes sure you are able to savor every last drop. Cleaning your juicer is also a breeze with its dishwasher-safe capabilities and detachable parts.

For those who are concerned about their safety when using an appliance, this particular juicer offers trustworthy built-in safety measures.

Juicing allows the public to tap into a newfound source of energy and vibrancy. The Power Juicer Express makes this experience much faster and easier to handle.

A large chute provides enough room to enter whole vegetables and fruits. Watch the unwanted parts of your juice, as they pour into the large transparent pulp collector.

The compact appearance of this juicer makes it easy to tote around to office parties and other get-togethers. It is also perfect for anyone trying to fulfill his or her daily fruit and vegetable recommendations.

When You Open the Box

When you open the box, you’ll be one step closer to unleashing a new world of healthy possibilities. Supplementing the main juicing unit is the operating manual and convenient Express Juicing recipe guide. To increase your juicing benefits, a book accompanies your purchase titled “Secrets of Juicing”.

Additional Accessories

As with most reputable product lines, a certain amount of equally convenient accessories may be purchased along with the Power Juicer Express unit.

An accessory kit is available, complete with deluxe pitcher, screen cleaning brush and juicer and glass stands. When your limited warranty runs out, you may also acquire replacement kits for some of your juicer parts.

You may choose from the blade replacement kit (filter and blade) or the pulp replacement kit (pusher and pulp collector). There are also a few Jack LaLanne cookbooks to consider that offer a variety of recipes, from zucchini bread to raspberry sorbet.