I’ve Got Cold Feet, Rosy Cheeks And Sunshine In My Heart

I feel cheerful, I feel happy, I feel grateful and I feel good.


Is it because it’s snowy, my feet are cold and my cheeks have got a rosy glow ?

No – it’s because I can feel a glow from within.

I just experienced the essence of human warmth.

You just experienced what , Vanessa ?

What on earth is the essence of human warmth ?

And why the heck does it matter ?

Furthermore, what do people really mean when they talk about “being human?”

And what sort of people tend to display a great deal of humanity, character and strength on a regular basis ?

Ok, let’s start at the beginning…

After having a rather challenging week back home in Germany due to my grandad being very unwell, I yet again re-evaluated matters – as I constantly seek to learn and grow – spiritually, financially, psychologically, emotionally and intellectually. I particularly love to think about individuals, matters, and life in general – and I tend to analyse things ( and people ) in great detail.

One of my current beliefs is that true happiness sets in when we start to contribute, give and share.

I usually am extremely focused on my projects – but I also always make sure to schedule time for my friends and loved ones.

After all, what is all of the success in the world worth if we haven’t got anyone to share it with ?

Not much.

In addition, if we work smart as well as hard, shouldn’t this enable us to have at least twice as much time, money and fun ?

I think the answer is a big yes!!!

And sorry guys, if you work all the time and never got any money or time, you simply are a modern slave, and you are doing something wrong ! Period. If that’s you, clean up your act and move on.

Back to my story…

Eventhough my grandad was extremely fragile and in hospital, he had visitors all day every day.

What ?

Yes, you read it correctly, he had visitors all day every day.

Why ?

Because the whole family put absolutely everything else to one side and focused on what mattered most : being there for someone who needed them at this moment in time.

Looking back on the week , I feel this little glow of inner joy – and I feel strengthened by the whole experience.

It makes me feel good about myself that I put someone else first – and that others did so, too.

It also made me feel good that I could just go ahead and take my time – as there was no boss whose permission I had to ask, and nothing that could have put any restrictions upon my time.

Hmmm…I must be doing something right here… 🙂

To sum things up , the whole scenario just reaffirmed the belief that good people like to help – and that fine character, love and warmth, combined with strength and a victorious mindset , really matter. And it made me want to raise the bar of my personal development a lot higher yet again.

How about you ?

When do YOU invest in people, including yourself ?

Do you show your loved ones that they matter, or do you always make excuses ? Are you kind and caring, or are you always stressed and harrassed ?

Do you work on your character ? Are you mature, stable , compassionate and warm ?

Or do you tend to be rude, impatient and irritable ?

Giving the matter a different twist altogether, do you tend to make silly choices in your life ? For example, do you chose money over relationships, or relationships over money ?

If the answer to either of the above is a yes, I got bad news for you :

Your relationships suck , and you’re broke.

How do I know ?

Because this way of thinking is simply dumb.

You cannot buy love with money, and you cannot pay your bills with love. Unsuccesful people ALWAYS tend to chose one or the other – money or love.Wealthy and succesful people ALWAYS chose both. At the end of the day, what’s more important, an arm or a leg ?

And why not have your cake and eat it ?

Also, who do you associate with ?

Don’t be around people who get hung by their tongue – in other words people who constantly talk disempowerment, negativity, fear and doubt.

Why not ?

Because what goes into your ears goes into your heart and into your mind…and the only thing that can come out is what has gone in.If you hang out with the negative crowd, you will end up being a whiner instead of a winner. Therefore, associate with powerful and positive people to make sure that you become one of them.

Put the human factor first in your business, and believe that teamwork is dreamwork.

Why ?

Because every great leader is a passionate leader, a people person and a happiness magnet. Invest in your people, and you have made one of the greatest investments that you could ever have made.

So who tends to display warmth and humanity ?

Is it only Mother Theresa ? Of course not.

People who display warmth and humanity work on themselves. They chose to have all the good things in their lives – not only for themselves, but also to pass things on to others. To be precise, to learn and to grow for themselves first, and to then pass their inner and outer wealth, wisdom and love on to others.

Are you one of them ?

And if not, what can you do about it ?

Do you have to meditate for 20 years ?

No – you can start immediately.

How ?

Stop wasting your time.

Sometimes you just have to draw a line in the sand, step over it, start again and be a blessing today.

Why wait ?