It’s not fair – You’re not playing our game

Ouch! A ‘secret’ is out! Cell phone users don’t need to pay the high prices for their call plans!

This is bad news for the service providers out there that are coining their subscribers’ money in each month.

So what is happening? What’s the ‘secret’ that’s out? It all comes down to the new VoIP revolutionary technology that is utilising broadband internet voice over internet protocol.

For quite a few years VoIP has been used by logging in on computers and using a number of services that has been available. However, as anyone will know that uses this, it is problematic. There is a lot of ‘gap’ time when the computer withdraws resources for ‘other functions’. The technology has problems and this is one of the main ones.

As with any technology there is constant progression. Sure enough this is happening with VoIP. A new generation of patent pending communications technology has arrived. This is now revolutionising VoIP communications. It is also a big threat to the older VoIP providers in that it is able to work on a far more sophisticated level. The older VoIP providers may have developed sophisticated web features but are unable to provide what everyone wants. People are crying out for Quality VoIP without ‘gap’ or ‘lag’ time, plus, liberation from the computer. People are looking for the freedom to use VoIP without internet connection!

Ah! The secret is out! The new VoIP is providing at last freedom from having to sit in front of a computer. Not only this but to have a quality service that does not have the ‘gap’ or ‘lag’ time. A service that is also available anywhere you want to be. Yes, your cell phone, an ordinary none connected to the internet, cell phone, is now usable with VoIP service. Amazingly as well, you can use this service ‘free’ of charges from your normal cell phone service provider. Yes, this is getting to an exciting stage for all those average guys out there who live on their cell phones as it were.

If course this is only part of the ‘secret’. The other half of the ‘secret’ is having the knowledge of how to get this new patent pending VoIP for your self, yes? Well it’s no good looking around the normal ‘brand names’ as this is very new. Argh! I here you say. A close look at the new front runners is needed.

No one company will at this time ‘ring any bells’ no doubt. However, there are emerging some who could become rapidly a big ‘Brand name’.

One company is a very new front runner on the market, but is actually based on what where the remnants of ‘Kazil’ a ground breaking company which just ran out of hard cash in it’s pursuit of new VoIP technology. So… although new it has a lot of knowledge ‘handed down’ and has finally ‘broken down’ the barriers and limitations of ‘old’ VoIP technology.

Kazil had a loyal membership of those who lived the vision of the company. Sad as it was to see the Kazil management struggle to overcome the obstacles and finally simply run out of the needed capital to achieve the goals, all was not lost. The members were truly happy to see a new investor take over Kazil to further these ground breaking advances. Kazil’s members were invited to migrate into the new company. In 6 weeks this new company gained a loyal 3000 agents!

Having now ‘broken down’ the barriers of the ‘old’ VoIP. VoIP is able to offer the features that have been mentioned earlier. However, it does not stop there. One new company has now the largest network of terminations (country access) in the world.

Needless to say, this new patent pending VoIP technology is set to revolutionise communications throughout the world. There is a staggering list of Voip features that can be implemented.

To summarise, needs a simple statement of facts.

1. Advanced VoIP technology gives a huge advantage over older VoIP technology.

2. These new company’s have a drive that is second to none.

3. They are providing a service that the world has been waiting for. (Especially in poorer countries).

4. The new VoIP can be utilised globally at very low cost.

5. New VoIP is mobile for a mobile world (Your cell phone etc)

There are so many other aspects we could consider. These I will reserve for succeeding articles.