It’s No Secret That This Type Of Canadian Business Credit Line Works – Here’s Why!

ABL (Asset Based Lending) commercial credit lines from asset based lenders in Canada are providing tangible proof everyday that they are both an alternative or a first choice for Canadian companies seeking operating and working capital financing.

Let’s look at a documented example of how this facility helped one company. Although our example profiled is a U.S. firm we can assure readers that all comments and data apply to the Canadian business environment.

In our example the company was an importer and distributor, but the reality is that ABL commercial credit lines financing applies to numerous industries, in fact any industry that has receivables, inventories and assets.

So what did the ABL facility in fact do for this firm? It became a business line of credit that was able to ensure the company could grow outside of its sustainable growth rate (the growth rate at which a firm can expand without borrowing based on its current cash operating cycle).

Funds from the asset based line of credit were used, in our example to also reduce long term debt. Simply speaking the company was able to monetize current assets, get more liquidity by doing this, and reduce long term debt – enhancing their balance sheet ratios at the same time.

Many companies in Canada find themselves in the unfortunate position of being delinquent or behind on government source deductions. These arrears are viewed seriously by any lending institution, and in Canada place a severe responsibility on the owners and directors of a company. In many cases, including our example the additional liquidity you get from asset based lenders is used to pay off those government arrears and source deductions which have built up.

Naturally in any company supplier relations and the amount of your payables play a key role in your firms viability. Borrowing facilities from asset based lenders allow you to reduce payables and maintain better supplier relations.

ABL is the therefore the new alternative and are commercial credit lines of choice by Canadian firms of all sizes. Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor in this area of business financing to ensure the benefits of this financing can pay off for your firm.