It’s All About the Money

Morning TV guy commenting about the Rolling Stones on Tour:

“Ya know, it’s not just about the money with these guys,they’re out there having a lot of fun!”


Do you BELIEVE that?

I don’t!

Mick Jagger’s date of birth is July 26th, 1943. Just looked it up. Makes him 63 years-old. But he looks 83!

Do you really think he’s having a ball? Flying across oceans to ride busses? Staying in one hotel after another?

It IS about the money with these guys! No one in their right mind needs a 40th year on the road!

“And now that we’re being honest, print this page and take it into the bathroom, and close the door.”

Ok, now that it’s just you and me here, (sorry to follow you into the can) let’s face it. This ‘mortgage business’ thing, it’s really ALL about the money. I mean somebody’s gotta pay the light bill.

Yeah, I help my borrowers too.

“But without the money? You’re just a low-paid social worker!”

What if social workers made HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A YEAR? I might wanna be one!

To get filthy, stinkin’ rich (note: money neither “stinks,” nor is “filthy”…if it is, you just throw it in the washer, it’ll be fine) and the opportunity to HELP people too!

“And you know what?”

If you ain’t chargin’ the maximum you possibly can for what you do, who are you kiddin’? You ain’t helpin’ either one of ya! And you can only spend so much time helpin’ ’em for “a point in the back!” You’re short changing them!

People only appreciate things they pay a premium price for. If you’re not charging the maximum you possibly can for what you do, you’re doing yourself and your customers a tremendous disservice!

“Your responsibility is to be able to STAY in business to help your customers again!”

They’ll need you again. They might not need the same service, but they’ll need YOU there to help them in another way, and to do repeat business over the years. Face facts.

Just about no one learns something the first time they’re told. That’s why I had hockey coaches as a kid. That’s why I coached high school hockey after I got out of the Navy. That’s why I have a boxing coach now. Your customers are no different.

But you can’t afford to be there for free, nor WILL you. Just like Mick, it IS really all about the money!