It’s About the Rhythm: The Best Hormone Replacement Therapy

The entire universe is all about timing. The moon provides more light when it is full and when the new moon ends, every twenty-eight days females bleed with what has come to be known as their period.The moon tracks the repeating 28 of those days 13 times in one revolution around the sun. A circadian clock is in every cell of the body, measuring one spin of the planet.

Researching for her book, “Sex, Lies, and Menopause: The Shocking Truth About Synthetic Hormones and the Benefits of Natural Alternatives.S. Wiley asked a question… What if hormone replacement therapy was made of real bio-identical hormones, dosed like the ups and downs of the hormone blood levels in the menstrual cycle of a 20 year-old woman, would the disease states of aging and symptoms decline?

It was an interesting thought, and to the surprise of many, the logic makes sense. Perhaps it was the rhythm that was always missing in other hormone replacement regimens. Here’s why. Natural hormones are not bio-identical hormones unless a person’s body can recognize them as hormones. Natural hormones are not considered replacement unless you really replace what has been lost. A natural hormone can’t be bio-identical unless it replaces precisely the “natural” rhythmic levels of someone’s own estrogen and progesterone.

Doctors who want to prescribe natural hormones but who aren’t familiar with the fact that hormones should mimic natural hormone rhythms will merely prescribe natural hormones in the same way they prescribe synthetics. The Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) has already found that standard to be dangerous. What if it is not just the synthetic hormone molecules that are not safe? What if it’s really the missing rhythm that matters?

All this research led to the development of a product that thousands of women are now taking. Funding for research is on the way. This multi-phasic physiologic dosing will be part of a new study called Bioidentical Hormones On Trial, or B.H.O.T., a comparison of patterns of administration and dosing of compounded bio-identical hormone therapy (BHT). It will be the first study of its kind to track and quantify outcomes based on dosing and patterns of administration of BHT. The principal objective of the study will be to examine clinical outcomes and quality of life indicators of patients receiving BHT at 10 to 12 primary care provider’s practices.

Wiley Protocol user, Caren, said this: “I heard about this new protocol I was just 52, and I had horrendous cramps and very heavy periods. I had not slept in seven years and had gained 50 pounds since peri-menopause. I was emotionally crazed times and my knees hurt so bad that I couldn’t kneel. I was taking what’s known as homeopathic hormone creams. uly amazing resource. Susie and I talked in depth, I went to my doctor, and apparently my symptoms during my periods were that of fibroids. I started the Wiley Protocol in January of 2004, and 28 days later, I had my first “normal” period in many years. There were no more cramps, and I felt emotionally more stable, less weepy, plus I started sleeping through the night. Then my knees stopped hurting and I have since lost the weight. Almost four years later I have absolutely no sign of the fibroids.”

There are hundreds of women who can say this now about their experiences on this protocol.