It is Very Hard to Beat Someone Who Will Not Give Up

I have just returned from watching John McGuiness achieving yet another lap record in the TT race. Even though I have experienced many a TT race, it never fails to make my heart beat faster when I see and hear the riders as they gather speed down Bray Hill at the beginning of the course. The riders set off at ten second intervals and by the end of the second lap McGuiness had already closed that ten second gap. He is not the type of person who gives up, and it is very hard to beat someone who will not give up.

I think it was Babe Ruth, the baseball player from the twenties, who was the person given credit for first making this observation. Yet again sport demonstrates to us so clearly an important mental skill which is relevant to success in all of our lives. Whether it is riding in the TT race, playing baseball or starting your own business, you have to be determined to not give up or you will not stay the course.

An old Chinese proverb also states that the man who gives up will not be lucky. This also is very true. I have a successful friend who often hears people say “you’re so lucky”; his reply is “the harder I work the luckier I become”. I’m sure there is many a famous person who has made a similar comment. What makes some people keep on going when others would have given up? What do they see that the rest of us do not?

The answer is that these people have a vision; they really can see the end result which they want to achieve. They can see it, hear it, feel it…they can taste their success. Not only that, they have the ability to hold that focus, to keep that vision clear in their mind, no matter what set-backs may occur. This ability to imagine and visualize their success also creates a clear expectancy that they will win whatever winning means to them.

If you were to act in every way as if you knew you were going to win, or knew that you were going to succeed, can you imagine the increase in confidence, the increase in positive energy which you would experience? Imagine what it might feel like if you had twice as much energy and twice as much enthusiasm as you may otherwise have. How much easier would problem solving be? How much easier would it be to push past limits or barriers and place yourself in a position to be lucky?

Top sports people know that you have to “keep your eye on the ball”, to keep your focus, and to keep on going. The ability to visualize is essential. You thoughts and the mental images which you create in turn create emotional energy which directs your actions. The more vivid your visualizations and the more confident your thoughts are then more positive energy there is to drive your actions.

You can make your own visualizations more vivid and therefore give them far more impact with the use of hypnosis. Hypnosis allows access to your subconscious mind and greater creativity. Hypnosis also gives you greater focus. With the help of hypnosis downloads you can train your mind to visualize your goals, to feel your own success and thereby give yourself more energy and greater vision, making sure that you do not give up.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis mp3 downloads for sport, success and well-being.