It Is Sooo Easy Once You Know How to do it the Right Way

Whether you have a list or not this is the best way to establish yourself, to gain a list, and to get sales for your product. Joint ventures can be great if you don’t have your own list but what happens if you do not have a relationship with the other marketers? You need to start visiting forums and reading other peoples postings and then answering those posts. If the person who created the post likes your answer then they will read your signature and visit the site that you put in your signature.

I told my sons to do this but they just right away tried to create new threads and the moderators of these forums would then delete the posting they created. You have to crawl before you can walk. If you see a post on a forum about somebody looking for ways to get their kids into designing websites and you have a good answer for this then a lot of other people will read your reply and then want to find out more about you.

If you can find a blog that someone has that gets a lot of traffic then read the posts and see if there is one that you post a reply to. In the body of your post do not put any url’s or do any advertising because many people will see that as SPAM. In your signature give your name first or maybe a little quote and then your name and after your name give the url’s to sites that you would like to have people visit.

Another great thing you could would be to create a one page site that has all the url’s or the sites where you want people to go and then in your signature just put the one url for that one page site. I’ve seen some marketers who put like 10 url’s in their signature and a lot of people including myself look down upon this practice.

If you have ever had a MySpace account just look at all the comments that others will post on you page. Most of them are just blatant SPAM and I just delete them without ever reading them. This same thing happens on my blog but I have a rule setup that nothing will be posted until after I approve of it.

My youngest son has had a software program created and he asked a lot of people to joint venture with him but very few of them that had at first agreed ever sent anything to their list. Finally when he started posting on forums the proper way he started getting a flood of business and now that is what he does to earn most of his income. Just from a few postings he is making at least $100 a night and when he has a new software release and really hits the forums hard he actually sees several thousand dollars a day.