Isometric Exercises

Isometric exercise is when you push against something that doesn’t move for resistance, such as a wall. About 20 years ago this was a popular type of physical training but it isn’t very common anymore. The strength you are able to gain is through isometric contractions is within only twenty degrees of the angle you hold.

When you use weights you become stronger through a wider range of motion. Isometric training causes your blood pressure to increase more than any other method of strength training so if you have weak blood vessels or heart trouble you are susceptible to rupturing a blood vessel or developing an irregular heart beat.

The popularity of isometrics is a direct result of the success of some weightlifters who took synthetic male hormones that were known as anabolic steroids. The weightlifters then claimed that their isometric exercises made them strong. They said that they were doing a brand new revolutionary training method that involved pushing against bars that didn’t move.

In reality the steroids made them much stronger by helping them recover faster from hard workouts so they were able to perform more strenuous workouts. With this workout to make your muscles stronger is to exercise with resistance. You can do this by lifting heavy weights or pushing against something that doesn’t move.

The great thing about isometric exercise is that you are able to add it to your daily routine easily. It can be performed just about anywhere, as long as you can have the discipline to do it. Tightening and flexing the abdominal and glut muscles can be done while you are even sitting on the couch watching your favorite TV show, or while sitting at your desk in your office. Simple arm stretches can be performed while standing against a door frame or while cleaning the kitchen.

Isometric training is perfect because it has the power of targeting specific muscle groups or problem areas. This makes it possible and easier for you to spend less time exercising. When you exercise specific muscle groups you are able to create lean muscle mass and will begin to shed unwanted fat without ever spending a minute in the gym.

When you build muscle you will be happy to know that lean muscles take more energy to exist than fat does, so every time you are working out and gaining muscle you will know that you are increasing your fat burning as well.

As you become more familiar with your own isometric exercise routine your body will become more accustomed to tensing and flexing on command, and you will be able to increase your intensity and add in more types of workouts. To maximize your isometric training results you should do some cardio a few times a week to get your heart pumping and burn extra calories.