Ismailis in Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Switzerland

Ismailis in Malaysia:
The Ismailis of Malaysia emigrated from India in 1920 under the guidance of Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah and were settled in Federation of Malaya and State of Singapore, the country now is known as Malaysia. The Ismailis in Malaysia have good and cordial relations with other communities like the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians and the Europeans. There are about 500 Ismailis spread over in cities and towns like Singapore, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Seramban, Kotra Bahru and Kuala Trenganu. The Ismailis are in business doing cutlery, hosiery, toys, stationary, ready-made garments, importers and exporters, etc. In sum, 90% of Ismailis are businessmen and 10% are employed. Nearly half of them have their own houses and buildings.

Ismailis in Sri Lanka:
The extant records reveal that a handful Ismailis of Bombay slowly moved towards Colombo, in which Wazir Saboor Chatoor (1899-1967) was a prominent figure. He came in Colombo in 1915, and started his labour work in a shop. Later, he ventured into the business field and helped the Indian Ismailis in their settlement in Colombo. He parted a big portion of his residence for the Jamatkhana in 1933. Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah came in Colombo on March 20, 1934 and appointed him the Mukhi with Ibrahim Ismail Virji Madhani as the Kamadia. When the influx of the Ismailis drifted towards Colombo, a colossal fund was raised to build a Jamatkhana. Sir Oliver Gontal, the minister of foods and agriculture performed its opening ceremony on November 30, 1952.

Ismailis in Switzerland:
The Ismailis slowly came to settle in Geneva, where they built the first Jamatkhana on March 21, 1966. The Imam sent following message to Mukhiani Mrs. Gulshan F. Hajee for the jamat:

2nd March, 1966

My dear Mukhiani,

I have received your letter of 28th February, and I send you and all beloved spiritual children of Swiss jamat my best paternal maternal loving blessings.

I was happy to know that you are decorating a new place for Jamatkhana at 22, Pierrefleur Lausanne, and you may certainly inaugurate it on the occasion of Navroz.

Unfortunately I doubt whether I will be in Switzerland on the 21st, so I cannot undertake to be present on the occasion of the spring ceremony.

All the members of my Swiss jamat are in my heart and thoughts.