Ismaili Journalism in France

Journalism in France:
“The renowned journal, “The Ismaili France” started from Paris in 1990 and “Ismaili Contact” in Paris in 1992. Both disappeared very soon.

Journalism in Pakistan:
Al-Islam (1948) ed. by Ghulam Ali Chunara, Platinum Jubilee Review (1951) ed. by A.J. Chunara, Fidai Chronicle (Dacca, 1953) ed. M.R. Karwa. Mahrab (1954), Paigham (1955) ed. by Muhammad Ali B. Sayani, Parwaz (Dacca), Sargam (1958) ed. Kassim Ghari, Ismaili Mirror (1962), Ismaili World (1964) ed. by Sadruddin J. Hemani, Al-Qandeel (1965) from Peshawer, Al-Ismailia (1967) ed. by Noor Ali B. Mithani. Shinning Stars (1980). Phoolvadi (1980). Sevak (1989) ed. S.K. Tejani.

The Ismailia Association for Pakistan also published Ismaili Bulletin (1974) and it was followed by Hidayat (1982). These were followed by the Waezeen Digest.

Journalism in United Kingdom:
The Ismailia Association for U.K. published Ilm in 1975 and Al-Misbah in 1981. The Ismaili Council for U.K. also brought forth Ismaili Forum in 1980, and also UK Ismaili in 1984.

Journalism in United States:
The Ismaili Council for the United States brought out Roshni and The American Ismaili in 1980, and The American Waezeen Digest in 1987.

Journalism in East Africa:
The Jubilee Bulletin started in 1945, which earned the name of Ismaili Prakash in 1947. The Diamond Jubilee Souvenir published in 1946. It was followed by Majlis. In 1950, with the existence of Ismailia Association for Kenya in Nairobi, the Africa Ismaili started and shifted its venue very soon from Mombasa to Nairobi. Africa Ismaili was the first communal journal in Africa to complete 25 years, which formerly used to appear as Ismaili Prakash.

Meanwhile, a journal Education Bulletin appeared in 1939 from Mombassa and disappeared very soon. The same position with the following journals:- Old Boys Education Bulletin (1939), Old Boys (1945), Pukar (1945), Nuten Jyoti (1946), Bhawi Praja (1947), Mithi Mauj (1947), Paigham (1948), Awaz (1950), Imamat (1956), My Flag (1956) Awake (1964), etc.

A weekly paper also appeared in Mombasa in 1938, known as Africa Tribune which last for 12 months. Hence, none among the above survived more.

In Nairobi, the most prominent among the short-lived papers were:- Zahur (1939), edited by A.M. Sadruddin, Zaban and Awaz (1945), Al-Hussain (1947) and Waezeen Digest (1960), etc.

In 1933, Uganda had Ismaili Yuvak which disappeared very soon as if it had never published. Kismu and had Ismaili Welfare Bulletin in 1940, also printed one Una Voc (one voice) between 1965 and 1966. In 1953, Uganda magazine, Ismaili News, started in 1953 and continued till 1960.

From different centers, some other magazines also appeared, including Special Number from Jinja in 1946.

Tanzania was rich in its contribution. The famous journals were:- Africa Comrade (1925), Ismailia Bhagyodaya (1925), Jagrutti (1931), Chatanya Yug (1932), Tarun (1932) ed. by Ghulam Ali Pirbhai, Mithi Mauj (1933), Chaitanya Yuga (1933), Young Tanganika (1934), Shafiq. (1934), edited by A.M. Sadruddin. Gulshan-e-Ilm (1935), ed. Jafar Ali Sufi. Ismaili Voice (1936), edited by A.M. Sadruddin, Ismaili Mission Message (1940), Paigham (1948), On the March (1968). Mission Digest (1962) ed. by Abdul Hussain Daya and Sultan Ali Muhammad in Kisumu, Kenya. Ismaili Bagyada’i, etc. All of them disappeared within a few years, some of them lasted only a few months.

The Ismailia Association for Tanganika started Khidmat and Platinum in 1951, which later merged into Ismaili Crescent in 1961. African Sentinel edited by missionary Haji Muhammad Fazal, started in 1941 and continued till 1944 in Tanzania.

Among minor publication from up-country centers was Unity in 1959 from Mwanza. In addition, the Ismailia Association for Portugal published Al-Noor from Lisbon in 1980, Al-Kitab in 1985; and Al-Hidayat (1984) by Ismailia Association for Zaire.

Journalism in Canada:
The first renowned magazine published from Vancouver was Hikmat (1976) by Ismailia Association for Canada. The Canadian Ismaili appeared in 1976, and Ismaili Canada in 1995 by Ismaili Council for Canada. The Al-Risalah also began from Montreal in 1981.

Journalism in India:
Ismaili Sitaro, (1908) ed. Lalji Bhai Devraj, Khoja Bandhu, Khoja Mitr (1910), Khoja Hitvardak (1910), Satpanth Prakash (1916) ed. by Lalji Bhai Devraj, Ismaili Aftab (1919), ed. by V.N. Hood, then N.M. Budhwani in Dhoraji, Ismaili Akhbar (1920), Khoja Saundariya (1920), Ismaili (1923) ed. A.J. Chunara, Satpanth Prakash, Ismaili Darpan, Ismaili Prakash, Ismaili Bhomiyo, Khoja Sansar (1924), Hindi Panch Himayati (1924) by Verteji. Khoja Reformer (1925). Khoja Vahevar (1925), Awaaj, Nizari (1925) ed. by Chunara, Mith-i Mauj, Yuwan, Fidai (1927), ed. by G.H.S. Thaver Pir Muhammed, Yuvan (1930), Dass (1930) ed. by Kader Hussain Merali Manji, ed. by Jafar Ali Mukhi Hasan. Khoja Jagrutti (1933), Vishal, Drashti (1935), Searching Light (1940), Al-Islah (1943) ed. by Chunara. Momin Bandhu (1948) ed. by Ismail Rajan, Al-Amin, Zulfikar Ismaili, Dass, Elan (1950) ed. by Badruddin Hemani, Ismaili Digest (1950), Aina (1950) ed. V.N. Hooda, Volunteer (1950) ed. by B.T. Chhatriwala, Waezeen Digest (1951), Platinum Jubilee Bulletin (1951), ed. by A.C. Rahmatullah, Jagrutti (1955), Fidai Darshan (1968) ed. by H.H. Wadiwala Khoja Bulletin (1970), Ismaili Abhyuday, Nur-i Roshan (1977), etc.

The first Urdu fortnightly journal appeared in Rawalpindi in 1924, entitled, Ismaili Sadaqat edited by Mubarak Ali Ashiq Ali. The first Sindhi journal was My Flag published by Muhib Ali Mitha in Hyerabad, Sind in 1935.

Journalism in Middle East:
The first monthly journal, Al-Ghadir started from Beirut in 1953, edited by Mustapha Ghaleb.

Making calculations, we see the one journal has martyred itself for the community once every two years. Out of all these, only the Ismaili Aftab was able to complete a span of 25 years. It would be not an exaggeration to say that the weekly Ismaili was the only shinning example of Ismaili Journalism, for having been able to complete 50 years of the existence. The weekly Ismaili ended in the year 1995 after a long span of 72 years. Presently, The Ismaili Canada, The Ismaili India, The Ismaili Africa, The Ismaili United Kingdom and The Ismaili Pakistan are being published under respective National Councils.